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This site includes visual poetry and other work presented in whole or in part in graphics files. These are indicated by an asterisk (*) after the title, except where there is a graphic/non-graphic option. As with any literary site, make sure that your proportional and fixed font settings have been adjusted separately, and not both left on proportional as a default. There is some redundancy in the contents of this page and some of the semi-autonomous sections: some of the poetry in the author, genre, and geographical pages can be accessed from this index or from inside the pages. However, most of the work, including commentary and criticism, may only be accessed from the pages themselves. The site includes a number of complete books, many of them out of print, some published here for the first time. Since the site is an anthology rather than a zine, special emphasis is placed on presenting writers as fully as possible, by whatever means available. Complete books are indicated by a set of brackets, [], after the title. A plus (+) indicates part of a book that does or will appear complete. If you'd like to look at shorter works at the moment, these may not suit you, and you'll find plenty of shorter entries at this site. If you're not in a hurry, hey, sit back with a good book.

Group Productions


On-Line Home of North America's longest running visual poetry magazine's, hosted by Light and Dust.

Rochelle Owens Home Page

Poetry by Rochelle Owens
Criticism from 1975 Margins Symposium on Rochelle Owens by Jane Augustine, George Economou, Jackson Mac Low, Toby Olson;
and Further Considerations by Susan Smith Nash, Maureen Owen, Rochelle Ratner, and Barry Silesky.

Muareen Owen and Telephone Books Home Page

Two complete books of Owen's poetry, plus selections from the others, with commentary, and, coming soon, exerpt from work published by Owen's Telephone Books Press.

Michael McClure Home Page

Poems and essays by Michael McClure
Essays and reviews from 1975 Margins Symposium by John Jacob, Robert Creeley, Anne Waldman, Francis Crick, Stan Brakhage, and Charles Olson
With further comment by Steven Watson, Lee Bartlett, Gregory Stephenson, Jake Berry, Jack Foley, Robert Peters, and Jerome Rothenberg.
and much more on its way!

A Homepage Away From Home for


Growing selection of Nichol's poetry, with essays on Nichol's work.

d.a.levy home page

Growing selection of levy's work - visual poetry, book art, paintings, lexical poetry. Includes facsimiles and previously unpublished work.


Meeting place for graffiti art and visual poetry,
with samples and extensive links.

Lettriste Pages

Growing collection of poetry, film, theater, and other art forms from one of the major movements in visual poetry. Includes work by Isidore Isou, Alain Satié, Catherine James, Roland Sabatier, Frédérique Devaux, Michel Amarger, David W. Seaman, Virginie Caraven, Gabriel Pomerand, Woodie Roehmer, and others.

First Light:
An Anthology of Paraguayan Women Writers

Work by 25 women from Paraguay, translated into English from Spanish and Guaraní, presenting a broad crosssection of outlooks and formal approaches.

Reesom Haile Home Page

Poetry and commentary on one of Africa's foremost post-colonial poets,
with translations into other languages and information on Eritrea,
Reesom Haile's home country.

The Institute of Broken and Reduced Languages

Márton Koppány's site dedicated to (meta)communication across borders - linguistic, cultural, artistic, and conceptual -- starting with Fluxus, Minimalism, visual and found poetry. Presented in Hungarian and English.

Tört és Redukált Nyelvek Intézete

A Koppány Márton által alapított intézet célja a nyelvi, kulturális és fogalmi határokon átívelő (meta)kommunikáció. Kezdetnek: Fluxus, minimalizmus, vizuális költészet, talált versek. Magyar és angol szövegváltozatok.

A Workshop with Hungarian Visual Poets

To start with, poems by Mária Hegedús, Tibor Papp, Alpár Bujdosó, Gabor Toth, Bíró József, Szombathy Balint, and Paul Nagy.

U.S. and Canadian Pages for Nucleo Post Arte's VI Biennial

Festival of Experimental Art and Literature, Mexico City, November, 1998. These events, directed by César Espinosa, have not always managed to come about quite on the two year schedule, but have all shown good work, cooperation, and have lived up to the name "festival" in many ways.

A Collective Effort of Australian Visual Poets

Poems by thalia, Jas H. Duke, Pi. O., Peter Murphy, Ruth Cowen, Alex Selenitsch, Pete Spence, and Lindsay Clements.

International Shadows Project Retrospectives

The International Shadows Project is an ongoing grass roots condemnation of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy through an alliance of arts, particularly mail art and performance. As such it is also an ongoing celebration of life in the face of unmitigated evil, as well as an extensive documentation, with copious examples, of mail and performance art.

Coming Soon:

Whose Border?
La Frontera żDe Quién?

Anthologies of Mexican and Chicano poetry, with essays on poetry from both sides of the fortified and arbitrarily drawn border. Presented bilingually.

Light & Dust Criticism

Gerald Janecek
- from ZAUM: The Transrational Poetry of Russian Futurism
"Kruchonykh in Tifflis." Detailed study of Kruchonykh's work between 1917 and 1921.

Gerald Janecek
- A Report on Transfursim
Essay on late Soviet Samizdat artists continuing in the Futurist and Zaum line. Special emphasis on Ry Nikonova, Sergei Segei, and Boris Konstriktor.

Renato Barilli
- Beyond the Threshold of the Letter
Concluding chapter from Barilli's Voyage to the End of the Word, a classic study of Italian Avant-Garde poetry of the 70s and 80s. Includes brief survey of efforts by Italian poets.

Philadelpho Menezes
- Introduction and Conclusion to Poetics and Visuality
Frame for Menezes' most important critical work. Questions many assumptions regarding visual poetry, particularly in Latin America.

Enzo Minarelli
- Polypoetry.
This short article lies at the center of Minarelli's multimedia poetry. Multimedia is, in this context, a sort of familiar shorthand for what you'll find discussed here.

Clemente Padin
- Art and People: Latin American Art in Our Time.    []
This book, published here for the first time, is probably Padin's most important critical work, and perhaps the most comprehensive overview of new art forms in Latin America written to date.

Clemente Padin
- Aspiration to Freedom
Memorial to the Argentine polymath artist, Edgardo Antonio Vigo.
Texto Español a Postypographika.

Klaus Peter Dencker
- From Concrete To Visual Poetry, With A Glimpse Into The Electronic Future
Landmark thoeretical essay providing one approach to the essential distinction between Concrete and Visual Poetry.

David Antin
- The Stranger at the Door
Beginning with commentary on poems by George Brecht published in some/thing magazine, Antin speculates on the nature of contemporary poetry.

Bob Grumman
As usual, Bob Grumman's attention to detail remains unsurpassed. Although written as a popular introduction to one of the many directions in contemporary visual poetry, this essay is worth reading by anyone sincerely interested in literary art as a whole.

Morgan Gibson
- Revolutionary Rexroth; Poet of East West Wisdom []
This book remains the major study of the poetry of Kenneth Rexroth in the contexts of biography and of philosophical and religious traditions. This web edition includes extensive revisions and aditions to the now out-of-print editions.

Owen F. Smith
- Pre-Fluxus Conceptual Developments and Generative Influences - Chapter 1 of Smith's Fluxus: The History of an Attitude.

Harry Polkinhorn
- Seeing Power []
The first part of this book consists of an extended meditation on key figures in European and Euro-American art - including an on-going examination of critical methodology. The second half offers critiques of individual works by contemporary American poets.

Harry Polkinhorn
- From Book To Anti-Book
Essay on book art and its social and political underpinnings and implications, with particular focus on book art in Mexico.

Karl Young
- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.
This is a link to Fabio Doctorvich's Postypographika site. A site well worth checking out for its other entries, including a number of people who also appear at Light and Dust.
Jelölési rendszerek - és az olvasás mûvészete Fordította: Koppány Márton. (Hungarian translation by Márton Koppány)
Texto Español; traduccion: César Espinosa.

Karl Young
- Two Representative Works of the last Decade; A Working Present for Jackson Mac Low on His 75th Birthday
Study of Mac Low's Open Secrets CD and Words nd Ends from Ez, in context of his opus.

Karl Young
- The Visual Poetry of bpNichol; a Brief Sketch.
Overview, with copious examples.

Karl Young
- The Last Pages of Codex Boturini
Essay on one of the surviving pre-Columbian Mexican manuscripts, with facsimile and translations. [Published in Tezcatlipoca on-line magazine, and linked from this site].

Karl Young
- Animal and Human Stages in the Aztec Continuum of life
Study of Pre-Clombian Mexican World View as seen through fluid metamorphic progressions. Includes reproductions of and commentary on Codex Borbonicus. [Published in Tezcatlipoca magazine.]

Karl Young
- Introduction to the English Language Edition of Evald Flisar's Tales of Wandering

Multiple Views

- A Multi-Voiced Memorial for Meridel Le Sueur
Commentery by Karl Young, Linda Montano, Pauline Oliveros, Joe Napora, and Barbara Mor.

- Two Approaches to John Taggart's Slow Song for Mark Rothko and Inside Out: essays by Rochelle Ratner and Karl Young from the John Taggart issue of Paper Air magazine.


Pat Nolan
- A Review of Maureen Owen's Imaginary Income

Karl Young
- "Reading the Waves, An Introduction to Karl Kempton's Rune: A Survey"
- Cat Licked the Garlic by Anne Tardos
- Spoken Texts by Alison Knowles
- Maximus to Gloucester Charles Olson's Letters to the Glouster Times,
- Myung Mi Kim and Maureen Owen
- Digital Vision by Cynthia Goodman
- Yaqui Deer Dance Songs/Maso Bwikam by Larry Evers & Felipe S. Molina


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