by Mark DuCharme

"For small erections may be finished by their first architects; grand ones, true ones, ever leave the copestone to posterity. God keep me from ever completing anything. This whole book is but a draught - nay, but the draught of a draught. Oh, Time, Strength, Cash, and Patience."

- Herman Melville

"Why hide what you mean behind natural data?"

-Jack Kerouac


Jammed into her knitting
Framework. This seething
Racket, which cannot
Dwell -

& Chambers, where
Our drydock had been
That those things I balked, withstood most

Chalky -
As on a dormer, sun lending
Weight to an impermanent
Address. A beach, a

Thing eroded. Entry
Into the encoded world or
Born (bloom). Dream
Latelies of aberrant

The settings were nestled
Roundly, on their
Bridgework. Newton

Misunderstood that.
& The stars, which are cherished
Objects in a long dead
Game. Lend me a

Primary, else subsume this
The air is sweet;
& Soon

You will concede her
Sentiments. I didn't
All the amusing sensations

We're supposed to have
Felt -
But I confess, these thoughts are
Truly my own!

The fruitcake was hot,
Sweetened by
Anticipation. Wastage,
In a gloat or

Par. But I am happy

& Then, rectangularly, to announce his
Coming. That does not cure, but graze.

The runway goes South....
Crusts &
Drifts of the binary
Signatures. Entry

Into the encoded world or
Born (broom)....
On the code to yield. But now I am

Relief! She size him
Up; a
Country or its indoctrination.
Air of tethers, air of

Conjunctions. The fruitcake was hot,
Sweetened by
Moisture. Do you understand the

I had meant that
Successive trajectories
Should be plied most
Greedily. & Now,

Because of the inactive hookup
You've managed to
Botch or drool -

Let me
Take this opportunity to congratulate you
On your
State of mind.

Angle of bird, o'er the wide
Screen. This
Gainly, or conducive night.
Mix'd w/

Enmities, forms a
& Although it
Burns, there is no heat.


The age escapes him. Lane,
Of blighted
Palms along a map.
Or, an integrative series

Of houses on a beach. This
Landscape which changes
Us, at every
Saleable opportunity.

The panic caved,
But we're left unresolved
& Flourishing, in fact, into diverse stimuli...

Caught in the unerring move toward
Flight. A beach, a
Thing eroded.
You start to feel these things will repeat themselves,

Entirely without our
Being aware of it.
The municipal businessman was fully clothed.
Coming here, as toward a city.

"Yes I see," said the wine-dark man as he put down his
& Trapped emotions of its benzoate

That does not cure but graze.
On the page, the wire's
Torn. Entry
Into the encoded world or

Born (that it
Errantly reveals).
I never wanted this I wanted
Serially to

Enquire. The children
Fled, or I
Removed them....

To detractors, in a
Style or vase.
I had one or more brief rumpling

Gaze, or an intermittency
& The children, being aware of it.
The subject was disturbed.


The subject was distributed;
Restraint a use in
Falling things. Bruise
Tendency, to

Absorptive matter -
& Then, rectangularly, to announce his coming.
I didn't

All the amusing sensations
We're supposed to have
Felt - but lifted
Off our backs, or in a

Service field,
Enlightenment drew
Nearer. Inflicted,
Or drew back in facets -

But finally, to have understood the
Windy assignments.
Of its physical constancy.

ical constancy & easements
O'er the redundant
Privilege. These

Spaces which loom or
Contain us.... No
Company can grow on trees.
But imagine the effect one hundred

Thousand times
Over. Mallarmé was a great
That it was plied or

Driven faster,
Into the subsumed trees. This
Furnace of increments
& Deflectors, waged

Above the startling
Or nearly a time bomb, to assume its
Constancy. I stare out at

The street,
& Watch
The children falling. It is a plaintive day -
& Trees are brightly

Feathered. Stars which
Foster this.
The age escapes us -
But still we're honor bound

& Flourishing, in fact, into diverse stimuli.
As represen-
tations of unnatural
Events. (The children falling dumbly in the

Streets) -
& Released themselves onto the interceding
The studies were broken - palpably

Inhibited (that
Resistance forms a
To events or unnatural

I had wanted this required
Even at the outset
Where children or intruders wandered back,

& Everything was infected with this enormous rumor
I'd thought about for years.
We are finished with all those housefires now,
& Can dance

Into the cool breeze. Years pass humming,
Humming & biting
At the lip.


As enmities which shift
Along a line of action discon-
W/ the receding past. That

Children or comedies con-
On the balky sidewalks.
Yet even the plagiarist has some exacting

To which he crucially must
Yield. By glissant or
Excoriating cities,

Waiting for the
Tandem. The conventioneers strode
Into a dawn of business

Only to have our conservatism
On the face of it. In
Western philosophy every

Was seen by the previous as
Being in
Error. Inclement housing,

On a competing scale. Consent a round or
Bluish faction -
In the cool or pungent

Who'd consumed three or four times their
Size, before drowning.
Glyph of

Blood on my nail. & Since you're so concerned -
I do at
Intervals comprise the

To the formative or
Born. The leisure was southerly...
That our notebook had become

Useful -
& Extracts
Itself w/ glistening
Rain. As enmities composed by

Thrush -
To flaunt w/ careful bedlam.
Yet these too crucially must yield
To a permissive brushfire

In the night without blocks,
In the day where you are altering
The crib.


Writing writes itself -
Thought locked in parks,
Like pages were metaphors
For pages. True

Architects are the grand
It was a Sunday where you are
Disengaged -

Pages which shift them -
Or meant that
In the nicest
Way possible....

Children falling dumbly in the
As permissive brushfires to its glistening

In the
Dust of our exclusions,
The world becomes paradise;

Into the known world or
Born (withstood) -
Data to our flourishing

Relief. Centuries are
Infringement. The
Catalog which remained
Open -

& Cities nestled dumbly on the
Duty to attention

Is not unbecoming.
Though prior storage or
'S expressly heeded,

Permission in writing from the
Author or his
Heirs. These

Interruptions which phase us
Out, at every
Saleable opportunity....
Its genius was in

Folded-up things -
A yard or reveries made
Unbearable by their intermittency.

Information stems
From its arousal.
But I'm really not
Interested anymore, in the one-time offer.

Pen the lake or its inherency -
Lists of the wattage bee.


The Rep strode
Into a world of frightening
Sways easily, in the conflicting

Rain (released
Itself upon the garment).
Something comparable to the enormous rumor
We'd tried to argue, but could not be nailed down to

Even because of the children falling;
Writing writes itself.
The denouement was clearly
Underfoot. But now I

Relief! (She size him
Up); a
Country, or its indoctrination....

To be instances of,
Say, a drive
Through Bloomfield, Illi-
nois (there is no

Bloomfield, Illinois).
Making our getaway all the more comforting....
Shifts in the world's

The ambassor had corrupted the village.
His good looks were resolute,
Tensed by further delay....

Fostered, in its yammering
Load -
Unto a sphere or its

Embottled earth.
The frightening procedures grew minimal;
Decoding embittered few

Unto those others who had soon got tired -
That gourds or jewels were
Set. This
Errant evening of choices, belts -

& To the same degree, who
Statutorially was in
Error -
Exiting our embottled earth to sing. There were

Culminations, species -
Quantities which refuse
Our prying.
Maybe the other one could set an example of tremendous

Garments -
On the table, at the bank where they are looking
Crumpled gloomily near the end of its

Storage -
Or famished hordes, that trees are brightly
The expedition hit a further snag.

Anyone who was completed or looking in....
I know the jetty & its conflicting paths -
Oblique evenings on the docks by the hangar.
Night was crumpled in its broken-down

Rumor (that it errantly
Reveals) -


Restraint a use in falling things -
& The children being aware of it.
Who move speechlessly, to
Enwrapt & the sum-driven

Totals of its
Bookage. The plane goes
Crusts & drifts of the

Hills' erosions. Why
Hide what you mean behind natural
A dative or

Instructed sphere, to the ready-known;
& Gradually, built up to the necessary rehearsal.
Dawdlers hit

The dock.... Crush
Prelate, on the existing
& Depletes a useful storage to its

Lode. The wind spread
Angularly the seasons.... Its
Genius was in
Folded-up things;

Unbearable congruence of the
Averted yard -
As entering
The room by force.

Natural emergencies are the sustainable
We can't hear the door being slammed
Shut. But what have all your

Good looks now
To cost you?
In the night where they are calling,

The day where they are
Back at it (houses which
Foster this).

True architects are their own eruptions.
On the white washed plain -


An agency of birds;
That their thrashings were

The stars would obfuscate.
Thus to be a bandleader signals nothing;
An ignominy or
Threnody, as you prefer. O

Leaders of our climate....
The erosions were
Signal'd, plastic &
Leaderless, to

That stars would bare their
Company. Information also is
Speculative; I see the

Rafters, guiding toward
Our speechless-
ness. I
Am one of many

Examples - distractions shifting
Over my shoulder.
What am I doing when I'm typing these
Things -

As if a rafter could become more
& The heart, photographed - mildly
Flourishing -

Extracts itself upon the
Writing signals
Nothing - the trace, or

Photographed, w/ cloud
In hand. Looking
Over your shoulder
As the seasons which spread

Wind veers off
To the left.


The new look
Punishes you.... Collapsed subway, or
Ending, to the

Story. That children were running, or could
Overhear them -
The room by force;

& Terrains are brightly
She had destroyed that possibility for good, it seems.

De la rue; crowd
On the table.... Lest we plea
Insightfully, to the discursive ridge.
& The feeling that stragglers aren't getting enough -

Seen here, to exhaust those findings.
Package into present
Area. The platen buckled;

Conducive to letting go -
As if patents flourished at oblique
Seasons -
Or conceived itself more durable....

A far
Reaching interval or afternoon.
The author-
ity to quell.

& Comprehensively to bolt them;
Yet even their generals stood in disbelief....
Full moon, o'er

The premises.
As if patents flourished at oblique
Seasons - a content
Interruptive of its

You are left to disregard, or
Exhaust those findings....

Rumpling, of the armory noises.
Repeated, so that its message was lost -
To dwell
Excitedly, on the discursive ridge.

As if redundancy
Had anything to do with letting go.
The brilliant jaywalkers stroll by the shoal.
It was time

For something like that to happen.


(As intricate voicings, their
Rehearsals) -
Thus, the seizure
Becomes all the more comforting. These

Natural pressures indeed are
Really without price. I paid the
Landlady, to have to forego such
Storage.... In the chill

Autumn tower;
Her cancerous dread fill'd the
Room. & I
Again urge you, to take

A look at the latest
Figures. (Studies which
Dispell them)....

Natural heat fills this, our
Rights of
Diminishment; the children fled the

As reasons which shift
Our confidence, in any imperial

The work was done, & he would soon join her;
Committing the book,
Or blocks of it,
To memory.

She had tried to
Voice her stature, at the last
& Pried, at intricate voicings, their

Mainly to consume the hardhitting examples.
Something impeded or written in.
Even as one or two who had stopped listening.


It is a crime
To photocopy a dollar bill
Full size. The afflictions
Which loom or

Designate them. Placements
Of regret. It
Is a crime, to
Photograph the heart.

& Studies the fuchsia in the mouth of a diamond.
Loom or contain us.
The studies were broken - palpably

Inhibited (that resistance
Forms a corollary
To events or unnatural

Extended like wildfire - &
Here our research
Is a sustenance,
Like fluency.... The backdrop

To all his mannered or
Retentive brushfire. Insignia
Blazoned on the mouth.
& What to speak, or

With the construction of parkways,
ervoirs. In the

Night where they are calling,
The day where you are

Back at him. (That resistance
Forms a corollary
To the seen, the

I had wanted to draw
A line of feelings
Intermittent to
Its uses. That the written

Decoded in parks. The studies were
An undercurrent
To what was
Conventionally risen. The rules were leavened,

& What was said,
Memorable only in the sense
That information also is


Some of these poems previously appeared in big allis and in the chapbook 4 sections from Infringement (OASIS Broadside Series).

Copyright © 1998 by Mark DuCharme.

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