1967 - 1970


Clemente Padin

Presenting visual poetry on the web involves a number of problems. Many will be solved by poets working directly in web related technology, with computer screen sizes and proportions in mind. The following poems were designed for presentation on paper. To get whole poems onscreen, they must be greatly reduced, which causes loss of detail. If they are not reduced, you can't see them complete. In many instances, seeing a whole page at once isn't important. But given Clemente Padin's concern with presenting high impact, immediate gestalts on the page, and given the sequencing of the two series, Text and Signographic, the importance of seeing things all at once is crucial. Presenting the selections first in reduced form, as an overview, and then in larger size seems a good solution, and that's the way I've set them up here.

-- Karl Young

Text III - 68

Text IV - 68

Text VII - 68

Text X - 68

Sinographic II - 68

Sinographic V - 68

Sinographic VIII - 69

Sinographic X - 70

Sinographiv XX - 70

From Visual Poems, 1967 - 1970 by Clemente Padin.

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