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Of this book, Marilyn R. Rosenberg writes:

This work can be hung from the ceiling, or can be put on a wall (but then only one side will be seen). When fully open, hanging more than 9'5" long, the bookwork becomes two roadways, one on each side. All of the road is experienced from afar. Viewing is bottom up, street to sky.

When read as a book, it is read from top down; reverse, and to top again. Wet weather fights with windshield wipers, sprinklers, taps, other water devices and visual poetry. Sometimes angry, often confusing, car/life continues on the road, with signs and cautions flashing by.

The hard cover, one of a kind edition, catenates 52 accordion pages, made from scraps of paper cut from the accumulated residue of other works, and trimmed into RUMBLE-STRIPS, pages as painted and drawn with pencils and water color and gauche, and found image collage. The strips, bumps, are made into accordion folded pages bound with bits of book cloth and odd pieces of peripheral vision.

The Ricoh screenfold edition, reproduced here, goes by the title SHADOWLANDSHADOWLAND. Slightly smaller, and made from continuous sheets of paper, words and images vary slightly in colors and textures from the first edition, but this was carefully re-visioned, sometimes with a great deal of reworking, sometimes including surprises. This should be considered as a separate book.


Note on web presentation:
(by Karl Young)

Each of the two strips has been made into a composite so that each of the following files shows a complete side of the book. Each file size, including graphics is about 80k, and is relatively fast loading. Since it'll load from the top down in most browsers, you can start at the top while it's filling in. Some browsers may show breaks between the sections of the composite, but still this presentation should give a good sense of the continuity of the book.

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