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Avelino de Araujo began contributing to the print version of Kaldron early on, apparently about the same time he began participating actively in mail art. The work shows familiarity with many forms of visual poetry, including lettrism. From the beginning, however, it avoided the brittleness of official concrete, and shows how much wonderful work has been going on in Brasil outside the domination of Noigandres. More of this body of work will appear at Kaldron On-Line and we hope to present more work by Araujo as time goes by. The present selection - including a number of poems first published in the print version of Kaldron - is taken from a collection titled ABSURDOMUDO published by

edições Ode:
r. serido, 486/1106 - natal rn
59020-010 brasil

Some of Araujo's poems are done in a broad manner that should be seen all at once on the screens. Nine of these poems may be found in the section we have listed as Ideograms. Some of his poems are carpet pages, best seen in detail, and not necessarily all on one screen. Five may be found in the Carpet pages section, listed by title. The size of these files averages about 25 k, so they are relatively fast loading.

We added new poems to this survey in January, 2002. These come from a new book, ABRAPALABRA, and available from the address above. In these poems, Araujo concentrates more closelly on icons, some of which come from visual poetry and mail art, as well as popular sources. To see six of these, click on the "Icons" link below.

- Karl Kempton and Karl Young



Carpet Pages

Requiem to the Yanomamo


Manifesto 6





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