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This public display of fervent devotion is for group petition albeit solo petition is a possibility. Each invocation is engaged with vocal expressionism. A petition ranges for approximately 10 seconds. There are approximately 15 to 20 seconds of non-reverence between utters. The petitions are "read" from right to left. Enjambed readings are an important part of the invocation and reprise is also a proposal. Petitioners are to be sensitive to the size of individual letters, colors, and "syllables" and to beseech appropriately. There is no harmony in worship.


-Michael Basinski


If you'd like to perform this work, please feel free to do so. We'd like to see (and hear) as many versions of this work as readers of work at this site would like to make. Although the author retains all other rights to duplication of this work in multiple copies, anyone wishing to use the work as a performance score for non-profit purposes (charging money for maintenance of this and related projects, of not-for-profit arts centers, etc. is fine with us; surplus and corporate profit use is not) should feel free to print out as many copies as they need for their performers. If you do perform the work, please send a copy of the taped performance to:


Light and Dust Books
P.O. Box 4190
Kenosha, WI 53141


The recording may be used on either a recording of work by Michael Basinski or a general CD-ROM anthology of performances and readings of works at Light and Dust.

That said, let's go on to "The Venedian Beseechers.


- Karl Young





          O  o  k

          O  K  G

          O  o  n

          e  O  a

          d  O  K


          s  V  a

          V  a  r

          b  e  E

          a  R  O

          o  g  U


          p  e  R

          O  n  P

          O  o  R

          O  O  M

          u  U  M

          P  E  R


            V e

            e L

            L e

            F L

            L O

            c O

            K s


          s s V a

          A u R o

          O R O K

          h s G u


           R A R
           O g a

           u r O

           C H s

           H O r

           S t O

           r N M

           D e d


           P i O

           R u e

           u m P

           e r u

           R U N


            R a

            R O

            O G

            R a

            R a

            C H


           S e V

           R r a

           L F i

           I r R

           h e A

           D s s


           A u u

           T h e

           h e r

           O r O

           f L I

           L i G

           H i g

           H t I

           N i n

           I n G


           P u r

           r r R

           K o O

           N a S

           S s T

           O O r

           r m M

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