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A Third New Year's Day Additions to:
Digital and Non-Written poems
by Ladislav Nebeský

sat down to write you this pome
A poem by bpNichol, recast in 3D by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble

An Exchange of E Mail Art Between Reid Wood and Karl Young



Kitasono Katue Pages

Selections from Oceans beyond Monotonous Space: Selected Poems of Kitason Katue, and beginning of translations into languages other than Japanese and English, and commentery on this major 20th Century Japan.


New entries put on-line on New Year's Day, 2008
in celebration of bpNichol

Two versions of a new working of bpNichol's TTA29
by Dan Waber and Jason Pimble

11 of the (Many) Things I've Learned From the Work of bpNichol
by Dan Waber

bpNichol, Drawing the Line
The visual Poetry of bpNichol
by Paul Dutton

Getting It Right and Getting It Wrong with bpNichol
by Paul Dutton

* * * *

Also Celebrating the New Year on New Year's Day:

Viewed from His Workroom Floor
A Personal Perspective on Bob Cobbing
by Paul Dutton

Digital and Non-Written poems
by Ladislav Nebeský

The Kaldron Archives

Number 21/22

First Visualog Show, 1979

Volume Two

Continuing On-Line issues of the magazine, and Reports on Kaldron instalations and other projects.

Go to samples from 1997 - 1998 Kaldron Wall Archives from shows at Arternatives Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California..

A Kaldron Wall Ancestor: Chumash Rock Painting showing a solar eclipse.


One of the goals of Kaldron and of Light and Dust is to present poetry as fully as possible in context. We began with in-depth surveys of individual poets. Now we're also including surveys of groups of poets, based in movements and in constelations of artists linked by geography and its related historical factors.

Individual Poets:

Avelino de Araujo

David Cole

Doris Cross
Kaldron 16 was devoted entirely to Doris Cross. This survey and the issue of Kaldron will be linked internally when completed so that you can start at either and continue to the other without returning to this page.

Klaus Peter Dencker

K.S. Ernst

Scott Helmes

Includes visual poetry, book art, paintings, lexical poetry, and criticism: A holistic approach to this major figure.

Joel Lipman

Hassan Massoudy


Kenneth Patchen

Marilyn R. Rosenberg

Alain Satié

Carol Stetser

Edgardo Antonio Vigo
First instalments of a joint memorial to this great (and typically unrecognized) Argentine polymath, shown in conjunction with Postypographika.
Texto Español a Postypographika.

Group Surveys:

Lettriste Pages

As a beginning:
large survey of the work of Alain Satié, and the beginnings of surveys of Catherine James, Frédérique Devaux, Michel Amarger, Gabriel Pomerand, Woodie Roehmer, Virginie Caraven, and Roland Sabatier. Exerpts from Manifestos by Isidore Isou, and an essay by David W. Seaman. Includes notes on cinema, architecture and other areas of Lettriste endeavor, most presented bilingually.

A Workshop with Hungarian Visual Poets
To start with, poems by Mária Hegedús, Tibor Papp, Alpár Bujdosó, Paul Nagy, Gabor Toth, and Szombathy Balint.

The Institute of Broken and Reduced Languages

Márton Koppány's site dedicated to (meta)communication across borders - linguistic, cultural, artistic, and conceptual -- starting with Fluxus, Minimalism, visual and found poetry. Presented in Hungarian and English.

Tort és Redukált Nyelvek Intézete
A Koppány Márton által alapított intézet célja a nyelvi, kulturális és fogalmi határokon átívelo (meta)kommunikáció. Kezdetnek: Fluxus, minimalizmus, vizuális költészet, talált versek. Magyar és angol szövegváátozatok.

U.S. and Canadian Pages for Nucleo Post Arte's VI Biennial
Festival of Experimental Art and Literature, Mexico City, November, 1998. These events, directed by César Espinosa, have not always managed to come about quite on the two year schedule, but have all shown good work, cooperation, and have lived up to the name "festival" in many ways.

A Collective Effort of Australian Visual Poets

Meeting place for graffiti art and visual poetry.

Visual Poetry in the Light and Dust General Directory,
and Cooperative Efforts with Kaldron

Michael Basinski
- The Wild Elephant
- The Coming of Circles
  from The Sixth Post Arte Biennial
- Angel Peyes

Jake Berry
- the first and last pages of Brambu Drezi, Book Two

Betty Danon
- Staves for the Hidden Sounds of Things

Stephen Dignazio
- poems from QU AT RA IN

Paul Dutton
- so'nets

- Selections from The Prose Tattoo Selected Scores of The Four Horsemen Performance Group Scores for performance pieces from one of the best ensembles ever. Some are presented simply as examples of scoring techniques. Some make visual poems in their own right.

Ricardo Gonsalves
- Visual Poems
  from The Sixth Post Arte Biennial

Robert Grenier
- 10 pages from r h y m m s
- for Larry Eigner
- GREETING and POND I * []

Bob Grumman

Kajino Kyuyo
- Three Visual Poems

Bill Keith
- Selcted Openings of Pictographs

Karl Kempton
- 5 pages from Rune 4: Fabelz And Kriterz Off The Mother's Tung

Alison Knowles
- from Bread & Water

A. Kruchonykh
- selected Visual poems, 1917 - 1921

Joel Lipman
- A Stamping Ground
  from The Sixth Post Arte Biennial

Philadelpho Menezes
- "Clichetes"

John Montoya
- 5 pages of little people, scrolled

- from Translating Translating Apollinaire
- from Sharp Facts Variations on TTA 26.
- from Art Facts; a book of contexts

Clemente Padin
- Selections from Visual Poems
- 4 Ways To Say NO! Mail Art by Clemente Padin.

Christy Sheffield Sanford
- Ocean Movement Study (Rhythms)

David UU
- poems from Chopped Liver

Yamanaka Ryojiro
- visual poems from Nothing Limits

Karl Young
- from Karl Young Home Page

Light & Dust Criticism Relating to Visual Poetry

Gerald Janecek
- from ZAUM: The Transrational Poetry of Russian Futurism "Kruchonykh in Tifflis."
Detailed study of Kruchonykh's work between 1917 and 1921.

Gerald Janecek
- A Report on Transfursim
Essay on late Soviet Samizdat artists continuing in the Futurist and Zaum line. Special emphasis on Ry Nikonova, Sergei Segei, and Boris Konstriktor.

Renato Barilli
- Beyond the Threshold of the Letter
Concluding chapter from Barilli's Voyage to the End of the Word, a classic study of Italian Avant-Garde poetry of the 70s and 80s. Includes brief survey of efforts by Italian poets.

Philadelpho Menezes
- Introduction and Conclusion to Poetics and Visuality
Frame for Menezes' most important critical work. Questions many assumptions regarding visual poetry, particularly in Latin America.

Enzo Minarelli
- Polypoetry.
This short article lies at the center of Minarelli's multimedia poetry. Multimedia is, in this context, a sort of familiar shorthand for what you'll find discussed here.

Klaus Peter Dencker
- From Concrete To Visual Poetry, With A Glimpse Into The Electronic Future
Landmark theoretical essay providing one approach to the essential distinctions between Concrete and Visual Poetry.

Clemente Padin
- Art and People: Latin American Art in Our Time.
This book, published here for the first time, is probably Padin's most important critical work, and perhaps the most comprehensive overview of new art forms in Latin America written to date.

The graphics in this book are arranged in galleries that form a brief anthology of contemporary Latin American visual poetry, mail art, and other related genres.

Bob Grumman
As usual, Bob Grumman's attention to detail remains unsurpassed. Although written as a popular introduction to one of the many strands of contemporary visual poetry, this essay is worth reading by anyone sincerely interested in literary art as a whole.

Harry Polkinhorn
- Seeing Power   []
The first part of this book consists of an extended meditation on key figures in European and Euro-American art - including an on-going examination of critical methodology. The second half offers critiques of contemporary American poets.

Harry Polkinhorn
- From Book To Anti-Book
Essay on book art and its social and political underpinnings and implications, with particular focus on book art in Mexico.

Jerome Rothenberg
- The Leonardo Project

Karl Young
- Notation and the Art of Reading.
Young's most important essay, discussing the interrelation of book production and poetry in several cultures as it related to poetry in the U.S. in the early 80s.
Jelölési Rendszerok - És Az Olvasás Művészete Fordította: Koppány Márton. (Hungarian translation by Koppány Márton)

Karl Young
- The Visual Poetry of bpNichol; A Brief Sketch
Overview, with copious examples.


Karl Young
- "Reading the Waves, An Introduction to Karl Kempton's Rune: A Survey"
- Cat Licked the Garlic by Anne Tardos
- Digital Vision by Cynthia Goodman

International Shadows Project Reports


The International Shadows Project is an ongoing grass-roots protest against the continued deployment of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear energy. Much of it is carried out through mail art project, though it involves most arts one way or another, particularly performance art.

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