Rochelle Owens - from "Joe 82 Creation Poems"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Part 3: Fire Clay
from The Joe 82 Creation Poems


Rochelle Owens



                 Wild-Man & The Peeking Into The Cloud


                                  the Celestial


                                       this Region
            we have been speaking

                                  but we plunge
                      into the earth
                we drink the gas every day of the moon.
       The marks in the

                       sKy           claim Possession

             the privilege     is      the
completely PURE
                    distinct Soul in life & death,

          only 3 points lie       separate!

                          eyes & nose

                /mouth calls IMPULSE!

                                  Wild-Man dreamed &
            was taught     I WILL TEAR AWAY

                                                   marks between 
the gaze the vision the pall the sleep the truth the 
  clouds the ivory the virtue the dubbed the sub-
    stantial the word the place the marking the 
      movement the ideal  the age the decline 
        the new the strength  the year  the 
          law  the jaw  the five  the mean 
            ing the  fires  the  quicken
             ing  the narrow  the hole
               the heaven  the  smell
                 the eyes  the soul
                    the Ocean the
                     eternal the
                                 it is beyond us.


                 Wild-Man & The Righteous Perspective   


                                    I found the Mohawk Valley 
                    singly       Wild-Man!    He participated in 
                staggering   discovery        (shoot-his-mouth-off)
                                           Oil I have found
                                   Cumbustion I have made!

                      whatever the Sun bleaches  is    History

           ripening apples                        faceless Father!

                             white Sulfer speaks perpetually
                   thousand say single    intelligence   shit of the
                 Mohawk flying crow    the burnt word    the
                                                 Singing Name 
                                  but to say that there are 
                             kindnesses!    the horse is 
                       leaping & there is a record of
                   the Motion            Full Sun 
              receives      & is   turning black 
       the dream of perfection

                                what belongs?
                                what holds?
                                what takes us up here?
                                what is oil-mortal?
                                what is Natural
                                what is O explain!

                      brilliance under the
                    Sun.             the     limit
                           has left the last
                    /breast rib stomach Sighing hurr/

                                    Woman where is Wild-man?
         water unites earth
                             the created things
                         No Numbers!
                    cubes           rustle       Hear!
                 existence forever.


             The Funnel Of Steel In The Green Forest Bush


                                  Smiling so that between
                  the Skull    this hour waits      is magical &        
         Swinging Forward!    My Soul!    My Soul!

                                          underneath the tree
                  most fabulous judgement     the gleaming branches
         in the shape of          blood-bright        forever
                        beginning          /a mountain of
                   lead      colder than      a blue sky

                              pipe o' iron
                           a funnel of steel
                         a shaft of rusty alum 
                          iNum    tardy-tar & 
                             feather yr bum 
              sing Allel & tivili Tum! sing Allelu & tivili 

                                   the course to the 
                          earth      beauty-slow & back 
                   ward.     the duration
                             of the dark body of human

      what if I asked if your eyes were healing all that
               was suspended above? 
                                     my blue of my revealed
                                  breaths   O Staring & 
                      laughing instinct!   O Shape of the Snake 
              & all that is moving

                          the voice
                          falls   it is coming
                          into being
                          it is    Always Found
                          it curves   Without the burning/ 
                          all Moon in hope! 
                          /what smell of the moment 
                          is a color?
                          what is the texture
                          of the good

            what is the Name of Singing from
   the Green Forest Bush?


              Wild-Man & The Rhythm Of The Mechanized System


                                      who belongs       Devout
                            thousand rebirths     mix
                                                a few seeds
                                                three days
                                                thick at the top
         how do these plants digest         in full Sun/

                               6 submarines
                               fast frigates
                               1 battalion        one onion 
                       12 fast roses & a shower of s p e e d i n g 
        meteors      I reconnaissance squadron     15 minesweepers

                                  helpless in 
                                  the line of duty a 
                                  man dies 
                    head sticking out of cement 
                 /it's a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime
                               suck rubber & chop timber
                          /steel plants     & the coming
                     Afrikanization of 12 hens & 24 cheeses/ 0 Boy!

                            a man with ideas 
                            & a man whistling 
                            in the light/tyme 
                            of revolution 
                            & bloody experience/

                                                  What about the

          what about the fish             throw them back in the Sea.

                                                while the
                                      Fearing Things

                                  O Motor Vehicle
                                O Radio Station
                              O Meat & Wool
                            O Major Airline
                         O Sacred Mechanized


               Wild-Man & The Overhearing Of Disasters


                                 in India & Kenya
                 snails & slugs, moss animals     lewd
          Aardvark, rhinoceros     Baboon Polar Bear
                                /all creatures with heads
                         severe with wave lengths of 
                                moved 1 square foot 
                                moved 1 square inch 
                                moved 1 square T O N G U E

                         over the world's surface 
                    much of the land has been devastated by 
                reckless lumbering & chronic killing
            /Savage burning           uprooting more & more
                             O Epidemic
                             O Earthquake
                             O Fire
                             O Flood
                             O Eruption
                             O Storm
                             O Cyclone
                    O  B U B O N I C   P L A G U E!

                                         where's Rome?
                         where's plague?
                      jumping hot!
                   what's a shock to the human system?
                The Black Death!
             what's an Atomic disaster?
                                what's a hot seat?
                             Electric chair!
                          what's a mine disaster?
                                                  where's the
                                     future?    peace propped
                                               up on its
                            in atmospheric
                            the danger to Earth's inhabitants

           /is feared              dead meat dyed pink!
                                have a drink of black
                             water           it willl take but
                          a few minutes


                  Wild-Man & The Bad News Telegram


                                 life will take but a few
                  seconds/     have a drink of
                           black water
                                            dead meat dyed pink! 
               danger to Earth's inhabitants is feared! 

            in atmospheric chemistry where's the future?
                               peace is
                               up on its

               suffocation is a mine disaster
               the     electric     chair     is     a

                           HOT SEAT

                   Atomic disaster is an
                   event       at Hiroshima
                   the     Black Death is a
                   shock to the human system
                   plague is jumping hot!
                   fire is burning Rome
                 0 BUBONIK PLAGUE          is not wonderful

                           Cyclone O
                           Storm O
                           Eruption O
                           Flood O
                           Fire O
                           Earthquake O
                           Epidemik O

                 land is devastated by lumbering industries
           & chronik killing/
    Savage burning
                    snails & slugs & moss animals &
                 lewd Aardvark, rhinos      & some Baboon
              polar bear/ all creatures with heads severed
          & oozing wave lengths of radiation

                                           moving 1 square
                                           moving 1 square
                                           moving 1 square
                in India & Kenya & U.S.A. & over the whole
     world's surface                 disaster.


               Wild-Man & The Memory Of The Dying Poet


                                to prevent a communist
                victory            confront the tribal
   elder                       check his level of
                                   & after a murderous
                                       swim out to sea.

               that a decomposed emperor made threatening
             gestures.      Defiance!   --paid off the
                          government & smirked his
                                    way to New Buenos Aires.

                            O fell in
                            the cement
                            cheated on
                            the rent
                            borrowed on
                            the grain &
                            fruit        &
                            pondered on the wave of
                            social unrest/    Spastic
                  hopping legs         quick off to
                                  the new world!

                              after the war
                           the population    of mixed ancestry 
                  Germans, Catholic Argentinians, Jiving Jews 
                and Roman Japanese            embraced the
                             People's Republic of China

                       dealt in money excesses      & prevented
                     sweet strife       & the spying          on
                                of    Uranus & Neptune

                                                        radio semen
                                                        the neutral

                        & ruled with a
                                        dictatorship & 
                                laughed while fornicating & bull/ 
                                    dozing on the Arctic ice

                        in the fifties we all revered ole ez pound
                                         & now we pay a buck 29 fr
                                                       ground round!

                                          & KNOW that ez pound
                                          was derailed by FATHER TYME!


             Wild-Man & The Contemplation Of Lunar Incest


                              there's almost NO LIMIT
        to thinking in terms of miscellaneous Blood Groupings


                                            & so to radio-iodide
        multi-movements & shortness
                                   clear causes/ culture in 
                           artificial energy fueling,   excess 
                  of grueling unknown streaming blood conditions

                        V I V A   W I L D - M A N !

               do the eyes look strange to you? then check

                      the mother
                      is she Sicilian?
                      Felonious intercourse/ sure quick vomit fast!

         in case of rape
         in case of incest
         in case of
                          black & blue veins
                      do you smell
                  strange aromas?        Lunar highlands
                                         O neutral metals

                           the planets are large & the surfaces
                 furious      the forces of the thick atmosphere

                               	spring	bigly    & cause minor
	                  night sweating     of animals & friendly
	             injuns             Animal Bites!

                                               romance of the rose 
                              the christian mystics the hydraulic 
                        press & reverence & gas engines & iron
                 lungen	            burning your Bunsen!
                                  fract/uring your calculating 
                                         So sweet.


             Wild-Man & The Essence Of The Crystal X-Rays


                              with death        the Power Project
will              c o n t i n u e
                                      rolling over &
                        crashing    s u b m e r g i n g
             life in Andorra
             quickening the
             babe fast
             into War wound
                           Voices on the Moon were heard
                       on Earth      the infusion of
                                  spice into the 
                               old easygoing 
                            exploited brown-skin 
                         race    spice is nicer 
                than   boasting chinese
                  Socialism/    sez FRANCE.    more Power! 
         more Meat!    more Spies!    more military coups! 
     more Zealots! 
                               that they are beginning to make
	                    an effort     following the
	                  clashes      the overthrowing       the
	                third dose
	             the time for body resistance to gory
                  peoples' protests.  Selah!

                                        & Wild-Man & General 
           stonewall jackson smelled out the sale 
        of rum
    & the meeting of black slaves   from Egypt & new raw 
 Bangkok                that the world faces
                  the man who the police say is the purple thief 
               the man who understands the problem 
            the Wild-man who WILL
                                  slay the owners of 
                              rubber trees & tin mines 
                          & plastic corn stalks/ 
     licentious Higher Education for the
     Coatzacoalcos indians
                                 the middle-class movement
                              into inspiration!
                                               the harmony in
                                           which a
                                      woman's position
                                               is determined by
                                           her praise of
                                                    crystal X-rays!


                Wild-Man & The Reverberation Of Poetry


                                  & one is says,
                                  I desire thee
                   final & passing      the
         the thrust
                      becoming the dead cold
                                           & moving to what
                                       I am/   &

                                   the man sees Wild-Man crawl
                ing with          Suns
                                       hung/slung Tung Bu
                      pouring  the       moment    as trees drop

                old bark
                             & then with radiant
              I KNOW.
              We love.
                        but the soundless                the shining
                              speaks dead heart

                       the pipes of TRANSLUCENCE!        steel/
                                                         sing &

                        light        the what is
                 my song    red   flower droop
       ing       sad.


                   The Organization In The Jungle


                              10,000 times         the 
               circuit  with largest     bunch of violets 
    the 7.1% common fraction of life   the forces produce 
                             white & purple
                   of power    To call

                         the landscape   grand flow

                                      the earth
                                      is farmland  the
                    ceremonial palaces croak Sexual Attraction

                                  the part
                                         the microwave tapers
                                       natural sections

                            /Territory is scenic beauty so
                   killing/ly rare

                                   the hope is the

                                   loose mad exile to begin
                      to leave     the wave of
                                   which despite
                                   the spears
                                   rule the
                                   lowest in the world

                          is noise cropping up 
                          the head of the sheep 
                          waves in jungle growth
                          The area extends below 60 degrees S.

              the disputed islands in the South

                                                theocratic worms 
                               fill up        in the hot & dry 
                          lunatik desert           .the heaven

                   drops glass
             & rust
                                 Wild-Man chews a blade of grass.


             The Mystery Of Wild-Woman & The Perfect Peace


                                   floods      point    the
                  westward migration       reproduce the

         reconvert it         to SOUTHWESTERN ASIA        AFRIKA

                                    memory of the
                        Attraction of a celestial body for

   physical change of       mantowoman               wild-woman
                        the catalyst of change/

                                  call the manifestation
       vision receiver     Rare-Earth


       & the land is luxuriant            frag
                                          rant with
               excess of bloodshed
                                          rose in a 
                                          prime womb/ a 
                             trembling hydrogen bomb sweet 
                             mucous & texturous
                    Sacred design
                                      throughout & 
     swarming everywhere the sucking bees the food juice 
turning to her blood/her peace, perfect peace
                                           cuts back
                                               Her power.  flat rock.


                Wild-Woman & The Nature Of Horror & Love


                              the glowing      the blue
      broken          solid/earth   melting   I did
                BEHOLD         the field of Sloth
                                                & eye
                                 of GOD
                    the mental
                        soul cleansing
                           the body /& with a SWORD
                                  the Awakening

             the first is weight 
               & white crying sky 
            /the second is
           hanging tongue &
         joined fingers                  & yellow crookedness

                           transform & Exalt!
                           force the slipping
                                     S N A K E   the   beast
                    taste of darkness &
                              pure DIsTORtion

               how can you make the distinctions
          /utter three sounds?

                                 this bird
                                 this wind
                                 this now/
                                 this pain
                                 this passion/
                                 this new-born
                                 two pieces of 
             this chunk of
             stiff-necked barbaric
                                  this wish for/
                                  virtue        when the song
                        of wild-woman

                           is the nature of horror for/
                 through love

                                  .know me like the sea.
              O Beware!


            Wild-Woman & The Thinking-On Of Putrefaction


                                          the subsoil in
                         the territory
           & birds were found living     the binding power
                                  was joyful

                                           now Woman has thrown
                      the scientific cowardice    the
                  mocking forbidden

                                           the distant backdrop
                Divine service    the matter
                                  of the
                                          the sun between the

                                        wonder of unknown cause

        generation of the nucleus/
                                      the TOTAL MASS

                                            to bombing &
                    an eagle flies over
           the ravages      of Frozen waste      & disappears
to warm regions

                                      the approach
                                      to home &
                                      the land
                                      The wealth
                                      of Great Rivers
                                      the winging

            made into desert (interior)

                                   vileness in industry
                                   consumption in Pacific
                                   Ocean        A hostile
                                   climate      makes birds


                  Wild-Woman And The Heart Of Things


                                          the swollen        year
the single time         endless	     falling down the night the
               awareness         of the death
                             of spreading leaves the
                         purged      spiritinevil poured
                     water        of horror

               what I did today     my mouth born 
           with such beauty I describe the source of 
       fishkill light

                      I Have Met The Spirit Before
                    near mountain-high flames

                & have ye seen the god with the leather-ball 
             sitting in the jealous circle?
                                            She was herself
                                            dead     on earth
                                            she smiled &
                                            threw off her

                   possessed by the 
                   last existence   the next 
                   phase    of the shimmering 
                   heart of things

                                     /As if all
                                     the old structures 
                                     the decayed regions 
                                     not even a foul speck 
                                     on earth 
          captures the perpetual     springing world!  Selah,

                                     we are
                                     very tenacious/ 
                                     the prey in the maw 
                                     of the hyena 
                                     inspired by the song/ 
                                             of fury.

                            I received from my father

                 drizzle                 great seriousness

                                 I have made the fluid burn!


                 Wild-Woman And The Device Of Mangling


                                  leaving behind
                         the animals         breakdown of
           the beginning     the judgement of separation
                        until the death &
       sacrifice.     the

                      cuts of Rolled Iron and
                              Steel Products the
                              chemicals &
                              Power Machinery
                              metallurgy       the lunatik
               National Anthem   forces .  anathema

                                          slow sigh
                                    hiss   .   slooc   .   soo   .

                                 I fix my attention on
              A skeleton    reconciliation between particles &
  ME                I suggest the
                    value of
                    weakness          to go to bed
                                      without undressing 
                                      and move the lever 
                                      deal in cattle
              whisk    away     the
                    human form           I Am A Wonder Worker 
                                      I glance at others' eyes 
                                   I appear with wings and
                               a striking-fast switch

                                          I smash
                              I cause acid to eat any
                    sort of hope
                                        I dry up
                                   the wetness of plants
                             I hold a device
                        and . mangle
                 it is the day of . derision


                   Wild-Woman And The Vale Of Bones


                                  not in that great
            matter    contained   the extreme
                             Star             the depraved
               guides      transforming     this process

                               the view point does not
    fear the taboo          all human
                            rose  made 
                            positive  once 
                            again is a 
                                           the old loving
     history         the spirit      what cannot be known?

                                                & by the power
       I lift          endlessly      I believe    the
                                    Spring and Autumn
                                    Since      the current

           forces         these words              it is a
       return          .to the dirt.   extinction       no

                               not. to be.

                   what shows?
                   especially the beauty 
                   of the world     here & 
        now. The void.     the
                                   al  Ity
             with the teachings
                                            mother & daughter
                                            of the earth

                    between heaven
                    you see the balanced

                                 And rotten bones.


                   Wild-Woman & The Profound Wishing


                                         it is not what the
           present permanence          is       it perishes

                                              the condition

         craving.          from one
                           the 3rd state
                           I am rescued
                                             I function profoundly.
                   I am
                   of gold      Wishing
                                             the kingly rule

                 my        brilliance    is the state

                                     of force become the Sun/
                           the green purify/ed

                         drench &
                         burn  laugh & 
                         find   gather & 
                         stroke  strike down
                         the evil nature/ O Empty!

                                              this is what binds
           first           a thousand years            the
                      comfort   new-born  thus true
                                      celebration of two wings
                              of a bird
                                                the body
                                   forming &
                                      wishing the
                              & gazing wonder
                                             the motion of
                       the Answer
                                             is folding
                                             life back
                                             to blood.


                   Wild-Woman In The Windless Night


                                          tell       the
               doom      white
                         smile         forsaken

                                 O a thing    lonely


                                            head of a fractured
                 clown.    glaring   pale-green eye     zzz

                                     at the upper part
                             of the jaw

                                         drool    decay.

                   with mad hands    they HANG on    a compound

   of living
       death.         malice on the good name 
                      biting muscle-game 
                      elastic nether world 
                      come now, we must plan

                                              the planting.

       there is the fact of dancing in mid-air          flying
                        thru      the    light        like
                                 a rubber ball

                                               Because it's
           cool both halves    Scatter    the blast/

                                     beetles split to a
                 Primary Cell
                                        in the windless

               is        protected       is unbroken     Not
         within the cavity
           between things          the poem of silence.


                         Breathing With Honey


                          the Smile       involves   Pestilence

         part of a fish      no joy.   nothing is born
                        this  month     the mechanism

             puzzles      We Know    the instinkt

                                  is a patch within

                                at the time of Milk
                         moving quickly
                         saturating the
                         clusters of
                         flowers             Peace is
                 the building material within a
                                         generation   of
                                glowing white. Selah!

                    I enkindle hum
                               ity        clearness sing.

       A bursting & inhaling in the inward search

                                              the breathing

                            with honey

                                    the first fruit of courage
            furious bubble       the moon between full Sun

                                            the wishbone 
                          spirals toward the state of 
                       originating     the slime-worm
                    is holy           
                                    it moves from place to
               place      its like      is food    its   song
            is wine    From mucus
                                     our Heads emerge
                                we lie face-up & laugh
                    at the Atomic sun
                                   we say     fungus O fungus!


                       The Victim Sings Freshly


				          yield!  & tell
	me counsel                   the form       of the right
		   Star	                   it comes by
		  	   the wrathful        the hungry
                      killer         who is fulfilled

                              the pleasure       light-quick
              striking the black rock         the hallowed
          earth          it's rolling      from inside
                 our mind     body      everlasting
                           is perception
                                           I practise
               breathing     it is my mouth        that is 
         excellent         I believe this.

                                           walking in
                       kindness          what is good in me?
        the might of injected
                     Steam    I throw the knife
	      in boldness   the Victim sings
	                freshly  & gushes
                    water from his side

                                     what is hooking? 
                      where is    the deadly eye 
                 hiding        who conceals?

                                             a block on
           the crust     of the earth     is ready to flame
                matter sings to it!  Scolding earth!

                                    what belongs to the
           weasel?   fleet
                     foot & crying tongue.

                                         a cause is
              adventure          Salt formation
                            of a kiss

                                         terror Earth 
                                         & good fat duck 
                                         sniff geranium 
                                         & give a fuck --
             afore        we turn white.


                Wild-Woman & The Closeness Of The Gasp


                                  IT IS THE WORDING      3
                justice/  it sweeps      the     Heaven    &
         earth      the land is forced
                                     to eyesight (reality)
    Pure  true     the Mind   the  second  of   growing life

                               I embrace   the
                         the function
                     of original nature
            the desire of looking on the
          gold fluid the strength always exists
    for ever

                         where is the time of trapping
                     the effect of being
                 the lump    of
      death?      slow     it     is   in    china

   so far        away.

                                   I stir
                                   then in
                                   the mystery
                                   of the
                                   breath a
                                   belief a
                                   gasp a
                                   taste of
                                   the Name the
                                   long dazzling
                                   sound like
                                   plucking with
                                   the holy
                                   I have had
                                   my day
                                   often &
                                   the inner
                                   light has
                                   I think it
                                   has irrigated
                                   the world.

             what a flood the 2nd time.   speak
                                              in the place of
                                shocking love


Copyright 1974 by Rochelle Owens.

The Joe 82 Creation Poems, published by Black Sparrow Press, is 
still in print.

Light and Dust @ Grist Mobile Anthology of Poetry.