1927 - 1997



For North American poets and artists, as indeed for most of their Latin American, counterparts, Edgardo Antonio Vigo was known primarily for his mail art, if he was known at all. A few people talked about his ideas, but primarily from secondary sources and quotations.

It's past optimum time for this tribute, but we feel that it's better to present it late than to allow another major figure to slip past unnoticed.

It's also a good time for cooperation between the Americas. This is the beginning of a cooperative memorial to Vigo conducted by Light and Dust and Fabio Doctorovich's Postypographika site in Argentina. Examples of work by Vigo will be shared by the two sites, and linked to both. Spanish text to this article is available through the link to Postypographika from the Light and Dust and Kaldron menus, as English text will be available via a link from Postypographika to Light and Dust. Stay tuned for more.


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