So much motion all at once.

Sand drifting in a chaotic pattern, whipping toward me like fast smoke.

Sand pipers repeatedly-mostly fruitlessly?-sticking beaks in the sand.

Child of undetermined sex, toddling, holding daddy's hand.

My hair catching in my mouth.

Ocean waves not fierce but relentless in their advance toward me.

White car passing, guy watching me write.

Large black dots on my shirt vibrating in the wind.

Tan woman wrapped in towel, washing suit in ocean.

Man and woman truck driver, matching shirts, cab running, on foot advancing to water, bending in unison to touch it.

Foam scuttling across the beach.

Sandpipers darting.

Fat brownish birds looping overhead.

Waves, brownish green, growing bigger.

Chair rocking in the wind.

Only a thin strip left for beach driving.

Scattered gray clouds-fairly stationary-obscuring blue and white skies.

Couples passing-all shapes, sizes, degrees of whiteness.

Man with small tan and white long-haired dog rolling in the sand.

Guy with big stomach advancing, passing behind me.

My black dots fluttering.

Surfers, lounging against car behind me.

Growing darker.

Ocean advancing.

Sandpipers running.

Foam collecting.


Boat light flickering on the horizon.

Waves rougher, more waves further out.

Trucks appearing, one green, one dark blue.

I want the waves to come get me.

Moslem couple, woman with head covered, carrying a purse, walking in damp fringe.

I want to be sitting here and the waves come up and kiss my feet.

Foam collecting.

Piece of white paper dancing over foam on the beach.

Guy in glasses, green shorts, baseball cap on backwards riding bike.

Waves crashing, still advancing.

Froth moving toward me.

Water very frothy now. Big advance. Only a car length between us.

People smoking.

Car lights hitting water.

Surfer leaving the water.

Flash. Man photographing the ocean.

Pregnant woman and man walking.

Woman with cane walking with man and child-"Navy" written on their shirts.

Another big advance. No longer room for cars. Come get me, ocean.

Down the beach, man in red shorts.

Almost dark. Looks like rain.

Lights at both ends of the beach, north and south.


Water no longer advancing.



Still stirred.

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