Myung Mi Kim "The Bounty"



                                                 for Malcolm
                                       born October 15, 1989


                      Lilacs to the post foretold

                      Learning fetch of water

                                    ranges lingering

                      Funnel thirty

                                    merges temporal wreath

For shelter the pounding sheet rain           ponder shir rain roof

Hovers it starts start over field and plain   mute forging how compass

Locate a thousand arrows deciphering one      degree salted (down)

By granite specked by pink                    fraction to aim so

Uterus as uphill child's heartbeat            repentant am in

Distinct from awash of mother blood           rimless to whole

Without specifics, wind                        broken participle

Pins joints held forth                         two a nestle axis to tunnel

As axis what revolves                          three behest insistence

                      Lilacs to the post foretold

                      In the first             in three as

                  Signal and hook      fey     lingual

       was all   claim

ocean         seaweed

                     magnet ocean pull cement

                             the fore the ground wells the water

       smelt smell wells the water

                     water and blood and salt

weight of ten skies falling

                           mother and father to

all done about/lost that/round as bushes

trench lines last lines converted

fathomable cardinals' red founding

colony the streams and cows the structure of

/taken to his new mother's cabin

clothed, fed roasted corn/

Mississippi River where he was born

water by measure

                secret as grass

                no one believes

                the place or its trees

                the voice or this scape

                as supposed

Tombs of women ornamented

Who wants me dead

The children are the children are the children are

                               Stopping on the plain

                               Common table for

Conjure golden

Sheep and sausage

Spectacle and rain

                               Plenty of water

                               Plenty hands

Tiny pinprick infects the entire leg

Once at home, she must cook dinner

Take my arm andhoist it over head over impoverished

Said kept working loo  oo names and censors

Not knowing shoes from encasements

Drenched.  Interrupted.  Cowered to pelting

Rearing ravage savage

Relunctant ear

In an effort to render a-s-m-o-d-i-c

Every hook a station full the pit

Pool(s)	     civilian     643,000 tons

To grasp the whole plate

Everywhere mawk mawk ordnung

Ordnung ordnance ordonnance in the new

King's name drums

And pig squeals

                                                    (January 1991)

Aloft as fish said that diapering wash

Sun recognition face arms toes count to count

There divulge magnet blood

Begin with ordinary speech

Undertow return to the site meadow a clearing

Supple sieve for granite

To effect it was to travel por allottery

By effort of steam by wild strawberry under poison oak

In the long recess of left to rot sirens' beckon

Bellow    betrayer    soporific

So much noise

And then the name of the other

Traces harbinger crooked to lime

How [is the case in which] her time suffices for her

Crosses over to her willow

Wallow     statement    spectacle

Pledged to appear

Would get closer

Lilac wander

Soak spine

Unite all three

Father look/mother  --  task

Mother I





From blank to blank /  A threadless way


Mother confused with earth

Ankles leather bound

Henceforth return to the position of the seed

Upon her feet two sons four daughters

Head a bent a foul rhythm of elbows and knees

Shell once spoken (speaker) recognize by fin by frond

Left for dead the penetrable body mothers

Stories to crust abeyance

Divested wander white bespoken

On that recounting with bulbs and flowers woven

Rendering afloat recognition the mill

Who will know us embankment out of sequence

Preparedness state of preparedness on behalf prepare

Material compel it fixed and evident

Site of denuded trees

Absence charged with hand and foot chest and nipple

Upon the thr--

Who last ate sitting down anticipate his mouthful

Enter woodland and waste perspective thumbprint worn

Weapon affront lungs out

Demise detail weight of a head insupportable

Called to attention wooden capacity leap

Fruit bowl stand at counter at readiness

Thinned to white foam recognize it as ocean/ /scrape

Commerce complicit undifferentiated

Riotous blood to its root betrayal when

Milk mother boy to bone plumb plunder thinking

Outheld outlandish property skew mud

Imprint wail time and acre

[As well as his eagerness to despoil us of our property]

Face for nations albeit feathers father masked ones

To protect our heads from falling projectiles

Sword slit sixth month pregnancy held to command

Slew bayonet Kwang-ju sister pumpkin spill lantern world

Carnations red for mothers living white for dead

In each school room repeated white blooming

Owned random slipper streets made to appear wet

Bales of hay in the incinerating field

Grip of iron in the chidrenís throats

Because the face was hidden and the money was painted

Manipulation prevent what emergent story

Rank and degree speak amiss stunned have

Hasty hemisphere issuance gutteral meet time

Conflagration dividing cells their imprison

Tools and adjustments called family in habit

Dominion hankering position

Vain lain barrow burrow

Ripe mellon on grindstone

Serve affect yoke stamped 

Material responsible for temperature

Features enslavement slung over shoulder

What and wet nurse and institution

Concave freshly slaughtered chicken every rising

Couldn't recall agency by which to relate

Admonishment arrive sooner rather

Witness attendant authority

Brack bracken lichen slip word this bare arms current

Pulps of teeth fit exact amount of profit

Rough approximate relative

Superfluous ownership skirts ballooning under water

Mutter call it was flurry fury

Scale wrought minimum

Pressive [ruin]

Tend attend log by log premise

Nameless indeterminate climb fence and pole

Subsume white generational white

Malice so turns matter of this matter proceed

Firepath vestigial

Point blank inner written last abode

Number of live births

Radial amid intone

Every locuter world of particular

Mother's daughter born//

Ton a designation fluent full

Inflection rooting variegated

Emblazon affirm infinitive

Formand door variable green vestry

Forage fervent reclaim

Sword to method

Let diligence still standing chimney

Register derivative


attenuate   in measure and in collusion separate and bound         wrench
mill        by nine entries in the figure of nine propertied       cell
given       by nine entries in one acre shallow well and pump      force
familiar    hairy snouts arrows in wealth parade of gifts          precisive
bestiary    rain soaked evergreen                                  tooth
reflex      note circles heat swelling                             need
root        familiar dipthong again siege                          defer
temper      wrench its nature alloy encumbering                    poor
espouse     quality of light mineral                               dulled

parting     village home for bridal bequest fish by dozens to fry  ritual
last        break unctuous hills regalia                           fertile
shelter     carve missive henceforth                               threshhold
flesh       needle and cone pine heat recalcitrant                 venerable
supple      proffer armfuls of just pressed noodles                mate
privilege   strand by strand mate amend                            null
ring        that bloom to you                                      greening
beheld      ivy and clematis unhurried                             rotation
bridal      one and one conjoined                                  born

order       summoned no longer you nor I                           outline
common      prefigured sand spoon and fork                         letter
map         baffled round scaled in house                          distances
law         ribs of domesticated animals                           portioned
condition   spiral spice ssp  :  breaks that way                   figurative
expanse     varietal, enclosed, gate closed                        summoned
scope       time yoke much interrupt hah -- na --                  inert
bound       distance     desire     molten to bed                  deaf
dwelling    unaccustomed crimp clip wintering                      state

sullied     one and oneness try and see out                        bound
recite      rooty labor                                            gather
named       that many moons numbering                              verify
begin       vestige     limbs                                      identify
parts       mended from                                            mutual
private     measure forward endemic mother to child                isolation
barrage     saw mother led snow plowed                             dispel
brace       hovering body curiously rended                         fissure
captive     the question of plenty plenteous                       keel

hinder       seacoast village salting its own mackrel              tend
matter       held against and in plumes of                         halt
elements     dull body distilled sullied                           implicated
chemical     anemone occluded hear hair dish of water              circle
alien        pulse stone pocked                                    nuclear
artifact     sinew clasped                                         allot
aggress      taken context mutter no force                         complicate
need         fill shale look obsidian                              appropriated
faculties    disuse impair douse                                   praxis

horde         impelled round fathom origin                         command
fulfill       ring by ring imbibe mud                              recognition
sullage       seeded kept abeyance                                 pith
deplete       distension diminutive                                erode
keel          dole reverence barb                                  halt
vertiginous   for daily suffer decibel plantings rage              siege
genesis       banish forest and implement                          exchange
bark          stalk stagnate atom to air                           clasp
skew          property of daughters                                endemic

molten        more fully permeated in the imaginative order        mute
deposit       page common to word                                  fruition
measure       isolate map infinitive grammar assail                rescind
known         resilient a halt                                     conjoin
proffer       declension derelict register                         outlay
sand          fourteen sawdust trails                              reconnoiter
household     scope lack score hem hem                             time
inflection    metal scoop deliberate the imagine                   form
interrupt     hear any one thing                                   alter

resolute      and way to stricture                                 resilient
thread        o-a-p/ah-p  rinsing clear                            propertied
scaled        illegible (infinitive)                               origin
envision      her, and reading                                     primacy
light         sun acre sound snow along quay                       written
imbue         object and word                                      founder
attend        enter time have said it ground                       bare
let           green hair young garlic                              note
recitation    have there the freedom of movement and newness       humble

ground         its own property chemical and fiber
               bricks free of straw                                reading
acute          alter     primacy
jaw            strike                                              fluent
                              firmament                            method
sinew          brush mound and gravel

               unruly enter


1.  "From blank to blank / A threadless way" --  Emily Dickinson

2.  Kwang-ju:  (South Korea) site of civilian uprising in May 1980 that 
left an estimated 2,000 dead when armed forces were deployed under joint 
U.S.-Korean command.

3.  "her, and reading" --  Anne-Marie Albiach

Previous publication of excerpts from The Bounty:

Parts of I first appeared in Hambone and Avec.

Parts of II first appeared in Notus and Black Bread.

Part of III first appeared in Lyric &.

The Bounty is the title poem of Myung Mi Kim's second book, which will be
forthcoming from Chax Press early in 1996. The book may be ordered from
Chax at the pre-publication price of $8.00, including shipping. Price 
after publication will be $12.00 + $2.00 shipping and handling.

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Copyright ©  1995 by Myung Mi Kim.

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