Poems from
Chopped Liver
by David UU

				weather the watch
				caught the secret
				wish they haven't
		told the old guard finding grey hairs in his coffee
		the knife falling blood the slum goddess fire the
		heart slash spurt burning the ambulance licking the
		bleeding wound on the sand pound her flesh down
				there finding the
                               pocket the old
     defiling he              guard still
   gave up the               fumbled while
 ghost and sought           screams in the
   more then               night caught up
   she sang               the refuge bring
   it well               down the knife
                        blood drips the
                       hand another
                      blood drips the
                     hand another
                    spurting her juices
                   coming now the act                   don't
                  that protects a bomb              spoil the
                 under your head bullet           meat motioning
                wounds through your                 around this
               breasts warming                         point
              now flash the
             knife again
           the burning

        cries   under
     song           stand
  getting            the body
hot                    still

Huron Hymn

razor heart the darkness
of you blue rising and the
sheriff starred on the point
how your temperature is

sing the flesh fallen the
bones splinter rust rack
the role

spilled upon the watered
wall this fear fasten
false scream the hold the
darkness inner

sing the flesh sing the flesh
fallen the bones splinter splinter
rust rack rack and the role

children in the morning traveled through the flow star
seem flight shine shine shine blood bounce repaired
  the ginger glory rose upon the hit got find
   choose blow 4 the afternoon gone out the
    change so here this place late magic
     in a station 2 bound playing make
      was financial performance this
                               shot but drying another short quantity
                                   burn burn your world final fought gate
                                     product pranced moon reveals beamed
                                        down there bit the single
                                             minding cross bury
                                                the sake bake
                                                   the cake

watch my green                                      desk
   thank you                                            dust
 gobbled in the                                        d
  forthright                                               d
    evening he                                           d
       beckoned                                         d
ready for the chase                                  d

                              this is how it builds up
                                    a soft one for you too

Try a Little Tenderness

       did you
       did you think
       did you think
       did you think that
       did you think that
why did you think that
       did you think that i
            you think that i couldn't be hurt

chapter 2
Dairy Hum on the High Seas

     douglas      furs
     silver       spoon        i have your number mister
                               don dick screamed at the
     sink                      fading horizon as the
     pitch        fork         valley roared
     glassy       eye          here in the five star
                               line up had erased the
     sin                       picture by then and
     floor        polish       found anne queen of the
     slivers                   ball shivering under his
     pots                      sleep
     match        books
     pine                           here anne decided
     tire                      that having slipped more
     holes                     times than this one i'll
     fixture                   come with my hands raised
     junk         sales        do dick we asked that one
                               too but only one will blow
     plate                     this was the kill
     brass        bells        anne she fell right away
                               slurp fuck fingered cunt and
     oak                       this here or so
     garden       rake
     plastic      sheet        rightly the fog cleared not
                               so much for sake but don
     nails                     dick wanted it back
     sand         rings
     cardboard    box          here the trees grow

salt gets in your eyes (part ii)

    empty me please nothing's         too much how does it
    feel to be down there and         so heavy but myra
    managed a simile who will         vote for your cunt
    that's what happened groping      at the roadside inn
   what fever this brought to the       small him o moby what will
  the captain say two cigarettes         dropped from the clouds
 this is piece he felt the                rippling flesh of her
thigh and got caught somewhere             in this area who
 will save us now i've                      tasted better
  but the juice flowed                       over him
   throwing the                               chain
   overboard                                   i
    don't                                    want
     this                                  village
        however                            once
              green                      came
                  suck                  he
                    raised            his
                            another point for us he
                            came forward and
                            felt the hot bell
                                  this is a case for the
                                 mother superior who
                                  then arose and
                                    the closet
                   sisters this sin is most
                   where the birds
                     flow over what

Ohm Trees

            o o
           o   o
          o     o
         o       o
        o         o
       o           o
      o             o
     o               o
    o o o o o o o o o o o
                       o   o
                        o     o
                         o       o
                          o         o
                           o           o
                            o             o
                             o               o
                              o                 o
                               o                   o
                                o  o   o   o   o   o 

                                                   sugar and
                                                   green feathers


among these nights there are
some in the long secret songs of
voices you are final to the posted
silence of wanting

motions of the past the lines
fold and meet somewhere
you would be along this course

touch the cold walls of every living
so long fought these forces are found
closer to your heart than told your image

the earth full with growth
contained within what you behold
as being and caught between

a song is silence only as shown
forth to what you or can feel once
sent to carry on

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Copyright © 1981 by David UU
used by permission of his estate.

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