Unlimited Free Space: Comprehensive Waterfront Plan


Mayor Giuliani has this quality of life program so he's cracking down on all kinds of-

earth is here for you - us

They wanna make the free space and make money out of it

Can't you read the signs

They wanted to build a railroad

All of a sudden he whipped it out at me

I'm a little confused

It's just tough

Do I get a yellow suit?

Is this for a university?

It's kind of boring...

They were considered nutty

Free space for what usage?

Let's get this straight

a lot of unlimited free space

What are you gonna do with your unlimited free space?

Living does not imply surviving

If you take Thailand, your free space is in the water

You understand the word heartbeat?

Effects? What do you mean?

It's big and crazy.

We're in an insecure world

That's pretty free for themselves

I'm aware constantly of the many overlaying grids of authority and restriction

Investing in a building would be stupid

They look like real uniforms

The fluorescent tape, the Krylon spray, the Polaroid film...

The scientific method cannot apply

Soon, language itself will become too specialized

If I disagree, I'll probably give you a more intelligent response

It doesn't exist. So, I can't describe it

People say hello in New York.

it's a bit like mountain climbing

he drugged and pissed and fucked and did everything

I'm an ex-tractor fan

He said something that was quite remarkable

I found out that I had worked illegally in London

I figure if the tiger goes, so do we

The green man enters!

We're eighty percent water. So is the earth

try this at home, folks!

Destructive weapons will be sound-based vibrations that will destroy peoples' organs

And a tramp tossing himself off in his trousers. It was very peaceful

What we've created is only our idea of what we think is comfortable

I'm more experimental than theoretical.

He said, "Don't move, man!" and he had his gun like that.

Let's do a good drug party tonight

The street is free man

Tu es sur qu'il y a pas trop de vent dans le micro?

Our whole approach to technology includes the failure in technology

You wanna go on to the next question?

there's so much food and water available

it's so loud and they limit my free space. And I feel like I'm gonna limit their free space if I say something

Do you think you've changed any boundaries?

the center would be everywhere because there's no limit

What is it that you imagine?

we are so specialized that we are destroying ourselves

When you go to Microsoft you meet this Lara Stein

"Your backbones connected to your -" what?!

It's just a sort of void that we have to distribute

All the toilet paper an shit be goin by and someone throw somebody in first to splash all the shit open

Guy was a sick man

An' you got the soft shell crabs on top of them

What? The option to jump over into the water?

What do you do when it's cold outside?

You're saying it's unlimited - it's not unlimited

all you have is a marina - one little marina

The gentrification of Manhattan ultimately means getting rid of the third world

It'd be very interesting to put more water into Manhattan

You could have floating parks

I'm not into bombing out the place but, you can have all kinds of gardens there

I sincerely hope that you put the operation into effect


he's always killing his latest pet.

nothing should be permanent

New York just turns into a big flat backdrop

there was so many chemicals in the Hudson River for so long that it actually preserved the piers

I wouldn't wanna live in L.A., cuz it's a world of automobiles. You can't just walk out and talk to people

That rock climbing wall will be there forever

I don't pay attention to a lot of the supposed rules

Hans und grete. Ja!

Amazing you have so many names

To puke was totally normal

This part of our conversation is censored

"You're always apologizin' to white people."

Normally, I'm not accustomed to those practices.

Modified December 23, 1997