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3  S I T E S, 3  S T A G E S : the   S T R E E T, the   W E B, the   A R T G A L L E R Y

S I TE 1) S e c r e t e y e o n t h e s t r e e t
W 38th Street, New York City, 1996-98

  • 1) recorded events; multiple streams of edited material from various "events" recorded during
    continuous video surveillance of the street

    freeze 01.
    armedBOX .

    S I T E 2: P o r t a b l e B o x S i t e (P B S)

    Part 1: "OBSurveillanceBOX 2.0", installation at Stipend Utstillingen,
    Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 1996

    Part 2: "OBSurveillanceBOX 4.0, armed BOX", installation at Stipend Utstillingen,
    Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 1997 and Artists select Artists, Max Fish, New York, 1998

    Part 3: i.e. web site

  • 1) recorded material from PBS (hidden videocamera and microphone in portable box)
    PBS visits a new location every week resulting in short audio and video streams on the net

  • 2) dataveillance: audio/video database for PBS
    methods of information retrieval, archival maintenance, histories
    routine, recognition, mapping, sort, define, categorize, warn, detect

  • 3) links to other surveillance sites

    S I T E 3: o b s e r v e r s s u r v e y i n g t h e  O B S u r v e i l l e d

    Part 1: "OBSurveillanceBOX 3.0", installation at e~on, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 1997

    Part 2: gallery installation New York, 1999

  • 1) live video and sound from exhibition space

  • 2) recorded video and audio from SITES 1 & 2

  • 3) sensors tracking body movement in exhibit space determines switching of live and recorded
    video and audio from each site

  • 4) installation: Under Cover. The gallery turned into an obsessed voyeur's laboratory.

    individual electric, i.e. is the collaboration between Vibeke Jensen of Norway and Norman
    Douglas of the USA. Based in New York, our interdisciplinary explorations of the everyday uses of
    human technologies have been seen in galleries, bars, nightclubs, museums, conferences and street
    corners in New York City, Philadelphia, Mexico City, Barcelona, Goteborg, Trondheim and Graz.
    Merging research in the "semiotics" of architecture and cinema, we explore perception and
    representation in an increasingly diverse and atopographic culture. We do not break boundaries,
    that's the hidden, every day work of society's countless members. Instead, we look at the effects of
    these constant border crossings, reaping evidence of mutual assistance and shared events. We are
    drawn to the bearer of language and gifts - technical and poetic. The separation of art and science,
    from each other and from daily life, is as flimsy now as in the times of Galileo, Faraday and Vermeer.

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