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a r m e d B O X
SITE 2: Portable Box Site (PBS)

a r m e d B O X, or t h e l o n g a r m o f t h e  l a w is a box outfitted with a dummy's arm, fixed to the wall at shoulder height. The strobe light in the rubber-gloved hand shines back into the box. With your right hand - the hand of justice - the lid can be opened to observe your reflection. Inside, mirrored details of a crime scene are mounted on a silver surface. As one uncovers the pages, the pages cover the mirror. Lifting the last page, you look into the depth of the box through a magnifying sheet onto an overview of the crime scene described in the details. The strobe light, now reflected in the magnifying glass, intensifies, just as the blinking lights of police cars inspire terror in the unarmed.

a r m e d B O X was shown at
Stipend Utstillingen, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, 1997
and at "artists select artists", Max Fish, New York, 1998

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