A Workshop with Hungarian Visual Poets

Eventually, we'd like to include annotations in several languages, including Hungarian and English. For now, visitors to this site who don't read Hungarian can still get a sense of the diversity and energy of Hungarian visual poetry. Mária Hegedús's shapes and textures seek universal recognition in iconography ranging from natural forms to maps to tactile properties suggested by color. Some poems by Gabor Toth seek universal signs, while others deconstruct those that are familiar; A fair amount of the work by Tibor Papp and Paul Nagy is in French, which some English speakers may have an easier time with than they will with the Hungarian. Whatever language these poets employ, such basic conventions as maps, diagrams, icons, found objects, etc. should be familiar to anyone who has access to the web. Part of the purpose of this project is to get away from things that are already familiar to Anglo-Americans, and to try to work towards an international visual poetry that isn't limited to the minimalism of the concrete anthologies of the 60s. The works presented here are just a beginning; we hope to present a fuller view as the site develops.

-Karl Young

Mária Hegedús

Tibor Papp

Paul Nagy

Alpár Bujdosó

Gabor Toth

Szombathy Balint

Bíró József

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