Visual Poems
by Alpár Bujdosó


Alpár Bujdosó was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1935. He fled to Austria after the 1956 attempt at freedom from Soviet domination failed. He remained active in the student movement until 1963. In that year he took a Masters' degree in Forest Engineering. He began publishing in Hungarian language magasines in 1960, and continues with them and with publication with magazines in other parts of the world. He has been a participant in the "Magyar Müheley" (Hungarian Workshop) since 1978, when he began editing its publications with Louis Kassák-Price. His work has been shown in galleries in many countries, most prominently in Paris, Vienna, and Budapest.

Major Publications: Zárt világ (Closed World), 1972, Paris, Magyar Mühely; 1 és 2 között az erzébet hidon (between 1 and 2 on the elisabeth bridge), 1977, Paris, Magyar Mühely; IRREVERZIBILLIA ZENEON; Paris, Magyar Mühely; Vetített irodalom (Projected literature), 1993, Paris, Magyar Mühely.

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