ALAN HORVATH (1952 -2010)
Archives and Tributes

Curated by
Kathy Horvath, Ingrid Swanberg, and Karl Young

"the fire that burns the longest: Remembering Alan Horvath by Ingrid Swanberg

remembrance by rjs


Stories from "The Flats" by Tom Kryss

Alan Horvath Memorial by Michael Basinski

Alan Horvath's Legacy to Cleveland Poets by Geoffrey Cook

Renegade Glue by John Jacob

Appropriation, Take 2? by Joanne Cornelius

book thief by Thurston Moore

Notes on Alan Horvath by Russell Salamon

An Honest Polaroid by Matthew Jablonski

Brief tribute to Alan Horvath by Jake Marx

So Long (Never Short), Alan Horvath by Hugh Fox

Searching for a missing piece. My Corespondence with Alan Horvath. Some notes by Andrew Russ


Skater by James Magorian

Two Poems by David Pishnery

Tears of Blood by Richard Werner

to horvath by jim lang

lit by Kent Taylor

the poet (for al horvath) by mark solars

In Memoriam, Alan Horvah by Karl Young — at Anny Ballardini's Fieralingue site; First published, without the dedication, as a Kirpan broadside.



Surfacing, 1998

Office Coffee, 2003

Until the Last Light Goes Out, 2004

Three Poems from Measured Steps, 2004

Learning to Say Goodbye, 2006

Bus Pass from Measured Steps 07 - 2006

Kirpan Press and Other Editing Projects
The Definitive Copy (Reprinting d.a.levy in the 1990s) by Alan Horvath; from d.a.levy home page

d.a.levy BibliographyAs close to definitive as a bibliography's going to get — compiled by Alan Horvath and Kent Taylor

Notice for d.a.levy's (Spontaneous) Random Sightings at Big Bridge magazine

Alan Horvath: Keeper of the Mimeo Flame & the Flaming Mimeo Alan Horvath Interviewed by Bob Holman. (off site)

sighting d.a.levy (review of three Kirpan editions, with particular emphasis on Horvath's editing) by Karl Young. (off site)

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