Kathy Horvath continues to distribute the Kirpan Press editions.

Write to:

P.O. Box 2943
Vancouver, WA 98668-2943.

Ask for a catalogue. Light and Dust generally is not a sales site. This is not out of a misguided disdain for "commercialism." Reasons for this include problems that arise from a large site and a constantly changing ecosystem that includes inventories in presses and book sellers, the changing nature of sales, the problems which arise from listing one book-seller and then getting into problems with every other sales outlet, etc. Keeping up with this would be a full-time job, and still not solve the problems.

However, Kirpan Press is one of the exceptions for a number of reasons. They include:

The hope that Kathy will get orders, both for the money they bring in and just maybe a sense of consolation and appreciation for her and her husband's efforts;

Helping people who are interested find a small press among myriad presses;

In Ingrid Swanberg's essay she quotes Alan's phrase about his intention being getting levy's work "into the hands of those who ought to hear what levy had to say for himself" — this might help, as well as support Alan's intention; 

With a bit of luck, avoiding a common problem with d.a.levy publications. That is, booksellers pretending books which are still available are relics from the deep underground of a past era and selling them at outrageous prices even when they're still available from the publisher. We have, for instance, seen copies of levy's Zen Concrete &etc. advertised for as much as $1,000 at auction, and for three figure sums elsewhere. You can still buy the book from Ingrid Swanberg's Ghost Pony Press for $33. We'd like to see the money go to the right place. And, yes, this is a type of commercialism for which we feel complete disgust, as opposed to the sales of book dealers who charge honest prices, prices that more readers can afford, and prices that don't support the kind of stereotypes and misinformation d.a. and Alan worked against.

— Karl Young

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