Brief tribute to Alan Horvath
By Jake Marx


I never physically met Alan, but that had no effect on our relationship. I first heard of Alan from Jim Lowell as a local man (Parma, Ohio) who lived in Washington and published d.a. material along with a group of poets at his Kirpan Press. Another important connection to Alan and Kathy came from Kent Taylor. Kent and I spent many hours discussing Alan's projects and his poetry. My wife, Cindy, became interested in this kind man and actually became the "Official Photographer" for Kirpan Press.

When I faced a serious medical procedure, Alan called me at the hospital and said that he was waiting for my poems so that he could begin the next Kirpan project. His request was unexpected and brought a great deal of happiness into my dreary Cleveland Clinic recovery room. He loaded up, took a shot in the dark, said he was pleased, and absolutely contributed to my recovery.

A final comment regarding Alan's compassion and care: after Jim Lowell's death, Alan and Kathy maintained a steady correspondence with Jim's wife, Tessa, remembering anniversaries and birthdays.

So long, Alan.


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