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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Kant and porn

Here's my 2 cents on the porn stuff:

It seems to me that the porno industry on the web is basically
replicating the fact of sex in human society.  It has just enabled
millions of people to get it cheaper and in privacy.  Think about the
fact that every video store has a porn department.  think about the
history of humanity and sex is everywhere and in every variety.   There
is nothing surprising about the fact that there is a lot of porn on the

Let's generalize from there about technology:  the one's that thrive are
ones that allow people to satisfy desires quickly and cheaply.  One
could argue back and forth about the origin of those desires (whether
the technology creates them or whether they exist prior to the
technology) but it will never be decided.   Did humans want to cook
their food before they learned how to control fire, or did fire create
the possibility of cooking food.  What is the moral significance of
that.  It doesn't seem like thats a fruitful direction for thinking
about the internet. 

Subject: Re:  <eyebeam><blast> post human?

Strikes me as profoundly human, no?  Nothing really new in quotidian
cruelty. The real question, and one still worth considering, is the
relation between an event like this one and the discourse of humanism.  

saul anton

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