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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Kant and porn

chris byrne wrote: 

>Even the word "pornography" is ideologically loaded, used as a term of
>abuse. How you feel and what you think about erotica, porn, images of
>the human body engaged in sex, depends on how you look at them...

it would be interesting to submit this thread to nerve
<http://www.nervemag.com>, a web zine that describes itself as "literate
smut." they are careful to differentiate themselves from "porn:" on the
home page, it says, "Nerve is not a porn magazine. If that's what you're
looking for, click here."

it might also be interesting to invite genevieve field and rufus
griscom, the founders and editors of feed, to contribute to this thread.
in the nine or so months since nerve launched, it has become one of the
most popular independently published web zines on the net. they get
millions of hits a month by delivering challenging, intelligent fiction
and other writings by the likes of joycelyn elders and suzie bright. at
first i was sceptical: I didn't think that enough people were into
high-minded sex. glad i was wrong.


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