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Re: <eyebeam><blast> brevity and movement

People say "That's all very well, vitruvius, but what if you're clumsy
or tone-deaf? Won't this just make theory even more complicated?"
vitruvius smiles faintly. "Look," she says, "theory can't get any more
complicated, but it could be a lot more fun. Besides, if you feel you
can't use your body to make a point, do what everyone else does. Use
costume and make-up."

People say "What about the fire in Brazil?" vitruvius frowns. "You don't
need to remind me about that. The biggest ice-cube in recent history has
just broken off Antarctica. Making light of serious matters doesn't make
the matters less serious, but it tends to shock the complacent. Better
for vitruvius to do a Brazilian flame dance than to pretend that there's
nothing happening in the Amazon basin.

(vitruvius blows a kiss to Suzy Treister.)

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