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Re: Re: <eyebeam><blast> Kant and porn

Gullit wrote:
> Actually: altavists's search engine records: 
> Theorists=38,334
> Porn Stars=21,838
> But the sites of the theorists, in most cases, are not generating
> capital. And shouldn't this be a theoretical concern, perhaps in the
> vain of Adam Smith.

Here are some more AltaVista search results:

software =     27,344,980
windows =      12,363,550
macintosh =     3,442,820

pornography =     543,080
x rated =          72,305
nude pictures =    49,938 

Sex exists mostly in a ghetto on the Internet.

Those instant messages you get on AOL *are* for the Web sites which take
advantage of the fact that you may give them a credit card number as age
verification.  Also, consider the relative prominence of those messages
compared to the products AOL sells on their welcome page and also the
product AOL sold you that permits you to be there in the first place.  

- Stephen Linhart

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