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<eyebeam><blast> fire / Kukriti, Mantii

All the Brazilian newspapers had in their front pages today (Wednesday)
a photo of the two Txucarramae (a faction of Caiapo) indians  who
performed their rain dance ritual in the forest, two days ago. They
promised the rain for yesterday and it indeed came, finishing the
mega-fire in Roraima. It seems that the rain will continue  four days
more. Their names are Kukriti and Mantii, and they are "pajes" (indian
word for "magician") from their tribes. They had never left their
villages before and speak only "je" language. They spent 40 minutes in
an "igarape" (small river), where they sprayed water towards the sky
with pieces of "cipo" (liana tree?) and prayed to god Cororoti. When it
rained  yesterday they left the hotel and went to the street, proudly,
to celebrate with everybody. Isn't it great?


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