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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Barthes, Derrida and Deleuze/Guattari

Theres a sense that the whole European post-modern discourse has been
prempted by the verty narratives that so many of the philoshophies of
the late 20th century: by exactly the people least affected by them - I
guess thats why I keep harping on the youth culture angle. I have to
apologize about the brevity of my replies, Ive been shifting positoins
while sending posts, one was sent from Switzerland, the other, from
Brzail - physically. Dj culturere, the milieu that I write from, is one
of the fewe organic inheritors of the ``nomadic project of late 20th
century philosophy. I guess in a way, the message that this is saying is
``return to sender so c I think that philosophers of psychological
fragmentation like Donna J Haraway, Trin T. Minh-ha, and Frantz Fanon
are becoming far more relevant than the tired discourses promulgated by
the Derrida/Barthes/D&G axis. But then again, like all of this, this is
just an opinion. I have to apologize about the spelling errors (if they
make it to the symposium, Im writing from a small town in southern
Brzail on a computer configured for Portugeuse. Anyway, that is what
makes the nomadic experience of on-line culture become engaging anyway -
narrative movement, just as the samples and fragments of sound summoned
up by dj mixes, or video collage, or even the mixtures of clothing and
foods that have occured in the last several centuiries has pointed out,
far more than any web-discourse.The web is merely the externalization of
the values of "networked consciousness" that the colonial experience
brought to the world at large. Or at least, that is my take on things.
If there had been no crossfertilization of cultures (albeit from a truly
fucked up point of origin) much of the advances in technology andthe
eventual acceptanced of multi-valent cultural values, would never have
occured. I think that the world would have ended up a much more
reactionary place. Think of Voltaire,s book Candide, and its main
character, Pangloss, and you,ll see what I mean. Theory and electronic
media are partners in a very strange and fluid way. But the
formalization is necessary too. There is an old quote from Fred (another
crusty, yet relatively useful Euro-theory type) in his essay "The
Question of Lay Analysis": Much would have to be taught in it (he is
speaking about a scool to teach different methods of analysis) which is
also taught by the medical faculty: alongside depth psychology... there
would be an introduction to biology, as much as possible of the science
of sexual life, and familiarity with the symptomotology(his word, not
mine) of psychiatry. On the other hand, analytic instruction would
include branches of knowledge which are remte from medicine and which
the doctor does not come across in practice: the history of
civilization, mythology, the psychology of religion and the science of
literature. Unless he is at home in these areas, an analyst can make
nothing of a large amount of his material...

I would say the same, but of the theory types that stick to strict
interpretation of the ideas of people, rather than observing the  
actual conditions of a world that has rendered much of Euro theory
obsolete. Its a big, multi cultural world.

Paul Miller a.k.a Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid

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