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Re: <eyebeam><blast> images by ecriture

Yukiko Shikata wrote:

>The moving images of this century were the static, linear (=syntax
>of images), but now we are facing with the change of moving images
>which are para- or multi-layered. Not only creating images by cut-ups, 
>remix, but here there emerges totally new "images by ecriture" which 
>cannot be controlled intentionally by ourselves. This new state of 
>images can be also said as "trajective (by P.Virilio)," beyond 
>"subjective" or "objective,"  which is in a kind of in-between state 
>and open to various possible ways of interrelatons, by transfering or 
>multiplying images by themselves. Those "images by ecriture" might
>change our perception and memories,  as memories can be always revised 
>or newly generated depending on the environments. In 21th centuries, a 
>neurotic, trajective communications might organise  the sphere of 

Yukiko:  Could you explain more about this new state of images -- this
change in the moving image, this image refigured through patterns of
mobility?  And particularly, in terms of technology's relation to the
body as perceived in Japan.

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