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<images by ecriture>

     Japanese people seem to be not critical of technology and accept it
easily. Technology for Japanese means not something to be opposed to the
humans, but the medium to make extension of the body, or rather, it can
be something like a half-transparent filter or facade, or a kind of
membrane which creats a sphere of interface. This is totally different
from the memetic approach to the technology of the West, which refers to
the existing system or things. By inventing portable personal tools such
as Walkman, MD or compact DV (digital video camera), Japanese people
expanded their personal membranes wherever they move. 
     DV created the new world of expressions by its mobility. It can
work as memory device, apart from the intention of the one who shoots,
or it automatically record something beyond the one's consciousness, by
being worn somewhere on the body.
     The moving images of this century were the static, linear(=syntax
of images), but now we are facing with the change of moving images which
are para- or multi-layered. Not only creating images by cut-ups, remix,
but here there emerges  totally new  "images by ecriture" which cannot
be controlled intentionally by ourselves. This new state of images can
be also said as "trajective(by P.Virilio)," beyond "subjective" or
"objective,"  which is in a kind of in-between state and open to various
possible ways of interrelatons, by  transfering or multiplying images by
themselves. Those "images by ecriture"might change our perception and
memories,  as memories can be always revised or newly generated
depending on the environments. In 21th centuries, a neurotic, trajective
communications might organise  the sphere of interface.
     By exchanging data or memories, by creating new ecriture of images,
we are now facing to the change of the existing notion of  "time" and
"space" which is based on the linear, static understanding of the world.
Artists using Internet or digital technologies should face this
substantial change, and keep interventions for the new dimensions.

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