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<eyebeam><blast> F, for vision

Dear Greg

To begin with I must say I liked the CUT (or was it a fade-IN?):
>... two 'caboclos' - local  people - who penetrate the
> governor, boss? - of an international organization of wood traders
Though (still, in practice) things seem more likely to go the other way
round (fade-OUT?).

As regards emerAgency "the problem tours"

> The principle is to use the web as a visualization tool, and by means
> of a tourist interface metaphor, focus ATTENTION on such practices and 
> processes that are otherwise hard to grasp.

I have to confess that my visualization of the web as a visualization
tool is (still, in practice) insufficient - or it's perhaps the other
way round. I mean I don't LOOK very much at the web, and when I do look
I don't SEE much. I mean it's not the web in particular the
visualization tool which makes me see things differently. I mean I visit
the web very much as a tourist, one who focus more attention on the
photographic camera he operates than on the views around. I mean I see
the web very much (still, in practice) as a camera obscura. I mean I'm
not yet equipped enough to put the web in perspective. I mean it's
perhaps a matter of resolution. Maybe I should... ... maybe you could
help by making me see more of the "the problem tours" project. Can I
visit it, as a "tourist apprentice"? ("tourist apprentice" is how the
WRITER Mario de Andrade called himself when he went to Amazonia equipped
with a camera to learn more on how to SEE practices and processes
otherwise hard to grasp).
> The design concept then is to use the material disaster as an
> attractor to bring attention to the political administrative disaster.

Maybe (or perhaps also) the other way round? Political administrative
disasters, as well as designs, tend to have a finality, with an end.
Material disasters tend to have an end, with no finality. Though (still,
in practice) the latter can be looked at as rather attractive spectacles
(from the point of view of a certain "matterealism"). Gulf War on CNN,
airplanes exploding in Grimonprez's "Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y", the whole
world from Enola Gay. 
I mean is there such a thing as "material" disaster? Though there is the
material "disaster".  
Though I agree that 

> The critical premise is that such attention has the possibility of
>influencing the circumstances, the observation modifies what is
>observed, to the point of forcing some action by the policy makers.  

Though I doubt (still, in practice) that the modified observation
provided by the magic infrared invisible paint marker significantly
modified the observed, to the point of firing policy makers. Though I
admit the power of fire of the action of making visible of invisible
political markers. If not as "punctum", as "studium". 

> Do you think this sort of visualization would be applicable to Brazil?

If it doesn't happen on Sundays.

And, to conclude, always insufficiently, I have to confess (still, in
practice) that I LOOK at the web today more than I looked yesterday more
than before yesterday, and that each time I look at such a visualization
in particular tool I SEE more, things different as a tourist who focus
more attention on his photo camera as a means to focus more attention on
the views around, each time in a different perspective, a tourist as one
who calling himself WRITER and then SEER and than DOER does the same,
does the other, tours the name, tours the call, equipping himself with
resolutions, finalities, non-ends, touring the problem, touring with
problems, touring as problem, apprentice-as-problem, and that magic
infrared invisible paint markers do fire, mark the fire, and that maybe
I should, and that maybe you could, even if all the work is done by two
men, even if it happens on Sundays, I think, I mean, this sort of
visualization would be applicable to Brazil.
Or, perhaps, the other way round. Brazil would be applicable to a sort
of visualization otherwise hard to grasp.

all the best
Sunday 29
though around here it's already Monday 30. Though still in practice it's
Sunday. I mean British Summer Time began just today.

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