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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Barthes, Derrida and Deleuze/Guattari

  the collaborative project of CYBERPIDGIN
    the new pidgin following the trade routes of the internet
  forming a discourse syncretically 
   hybrid, creole eventually
  through exchanges between unlike, different, incommensurable
  cultures and experience.

  I offer this example on the trading block.

  In my culture,  THEORY is read, spoken, written.
    for example
     third essay
     on the ascetic ideal

    (keeping in mind that I came upon the passage I am about to show
        having already read it previously years ago
        and as one page among countless others
        --for theory is read here--)

   **Oh,what does science not conceal today! how much, at any rate, is 
        it __meant__ to conceal!  The proficiency of our finest 
scholars, their 
        heedless industry, their heads smoking day and night, their very 
        craftsmanship--how often the real meaning of all  this lies in
        the desire to keep something hidden from oneself!  Science as a 
         means of self-narcosis:
        __do you have experience of that__?**

     My response to this passage was an absolute yes:
        it describes my experience of scholarship.
    not as a criticism of what others do
        but as a naming of my own practice.
    Not as a revelation either, but as a confirmation
    since I had named already this feeling by finding a
     certain parallel with the TV series THE FUGITIVE
    (NOT the film).

Question.  Dilemma
        I  have no idea WHAT the science is hiding.

   tell me,then
   what is your experience
        EXPERIENCE that is
   of science/research/scholarship?

for the emerAgency
Greg Ulmer

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