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Re: <eyebeam><blast> bioelectric user/machine interface

adnan.ashraf wrote:

>Regarding the interface between a user and her computer, I've observed
>phenomenal idiosyncrasies manifest between my qi-field (my life, my
>energy) and the powermac i use to write, web design, do email, research
>and so on.

I have a similar experience whereby I often feel that I am in an
embodied parasitic relationship with my powermac -  it sucks energy thru
me as I push/pull/suck information thru it. my operating system has
assumed relational subjectivity.

I am drawn to the idea that our bodies are the screens by which the
machines access reality, so it makes perfect sense that if 'they' are
our conduit to a 'virtual' world (and i hate useing these terms) we are
their conduit to the 'fleshworld', and we do have an
electrical/energetic exchange.


   melinda rackham
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