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Re: <eyebeam><blast> bioelectric user/machine interface

The Segment

I have been running on the Net and co-moderating on the Net and advising
on the Net for close to four and a half years now, and I have been
thinking about how my life turns segmentary, becoming-segmented,
vis-a-vis the cycles of the Net, as if there were a daily breathing, a
checking-in and a checking-out, no matter what, and I have noticed that
I have been off or out of touch for perhaps no more than three or four
days at the maximum over this period during which I traveled to Perth,
Sydney, Canberra, Denver, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Fukuoka,
Cleveland, Huntington Beach, Wilkes-Barre, and a host of other forgotten
places, and I have used perhaps 30 ISPs thanks to the generosity of
guests during this period, so that an order is set, that of the
_addict,_ whether or not there is "Net Addiction" because in praxis I
must log on log off to handle the volume of messages incoming, as well
as work through requests and texts and counter-requests, so it's
apparent that
I know when you write, I have an idea when you sleep, I know when you're
likely to be on-line, I know when to expect an answer, an answer, an
So that it's waiting, from Japan, for America to come on-line, waiting
further or not for the "problem of Europe" ahead of the game by several
hours, catching up on _the farther side_ - so that so that
Waiting for an answer, waiting for an answer... 
So that back in Japan or even here in Singapore (now I am in Singapore)
there's a _vector_ down south, more or less down south, plus or minus
say three hours down south, or from north to south or from south to
north, towards Australia, towards New Zealand, this vector
In which time remains constant, the rest of the breathing held down, but
there _I_ am on-line with the rest of you / them, knowing our breathing
is _in rhythm,_ so to _speak,_ so that
There's always this issue of the _segment,_ the point or vector or node
or cycle I'm referencing here, the _segment_ which is the intervening or
intervention of the Net into a routing, becoming-routine, so that one
might imagine in fact that I see my body within the imaginary, segmented
itself -
And then there are all these other issues of political economy,
responsibility, in relation to the segment, and the phenomenology of the
segment, time in-between, liminal, time on;-line, entering and exiting
the computer... 
So that what might seem like addiction on one hand might be a prone
series of actions on the other; there is no tomorrow... 
Now here in Singapore, I run out of money, the exhange-rate is odd and
senseless, I have done my duties, I am complete, this text among other
things, one segment for another, these exchanges...

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