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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Art and Digital Practices

Hello! I am an artist and I live in Florence,  Italy

I think that the two works of which Tim Jordan  speaks are indisputable
for their interest and importance.

I would like however analyze the characteristics of a scientist and of
an artist that they 
realize new expressive techniques and they build new media.
Well, the artist has always  used  and  furnished  new tools of
Enough see the history of the art and we have innumerable examples of
the arc of the 
Etruschi, the Piero Della Francesca's  perspective , the relative
discoveries to the color, 
et cetera.
To put aside from the fact that a tool could be used for varied finality
and kinds:
political/ social or aesthetical, individual or collective, I think that
there are different  
intentions between scientist and artist.
Any questions: does the scientist confine to realize a tool technician
doesn't have 
poetic purposes? The artist makes tools with lyric finality necessarily?
When Tim Jordan wonders:
>I'm not sure if they qualify as art but, I think
>they qualify as politics.
he expresses a question of poetic nature.
The art could not exclude the intention, the poetic.
Today it must be we more and more interrelation between the job of the
scientist and 
that of the artist as that they are compared their minds and tensions.
It need try to embody the various intelligences toward a common
I wonder therefore: like  we must build the interactive relationship
between an artist and 
a scientist in reference to the new techniques of communication where
characteristic is the  interactivity?

Best regards
Claudio Parrini

Claudio Parrini Via Piave, 15 50059 Sovigliana -Vinci- Florence
(Italy) Tel. +39-571-508550
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