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Re: <eyebeam><blast> bioelectric user/machine interface

adnan.ashraf wrote:

>A while back when I was stressed, or ill, or stuck in a feedback loop 
>of contrary expectations, the machine would backfire, lock up, or 
>crash. In fact, I view this as further proof in the ongoing 
>accumulation of daily proofs of a holistic paradigm. I'm not saying the 
>machine's alive, but I've suspected that it interacts with my qi. I 
>bring this up because I'm curious to know if anyone can point to 
>research on the bioelectric interface between the user and the machine.

I'm very glad you brought this up. Last year when I was working on a
book intensely for a deadline, my powerbook was threatening to crash. I
did not have the time or money to fix it and the project was important.
I became sensitive to my focus in whether I could boot the machine up or
not and was able to keep it going throughout the project. The day I
finished the machine crashed for good - as if it had been trying to hold
out for me or my own "qi" supported it.

Later when I happened to be at a local neighborhood computer shop I met
a repairman who I thought would be more open than usual. I asked him if
he had had any similar experience and he said he had but was reluctant
to talk about it.

Some of my research is in bioenergetics and  psychobiology but there is
very little on human-machine interface of this type. William Tiller - a
Stanford physicist - has written many interesting papers on the
self-organizing negentropic properties of what he calls magneto-electric
energy which run counter to the electromagnetic energies measurable in
our space-time continuum. You can read about his work and other
psychotronics or fringe science in Richard Gerber's "Vibrational

Also try

John Davidson "The Secret of the Creative Vacuum"
David Tansley "Dimensions of Radionics"
Trevor James Constable "The Cosmic Pulse"
W Edward Mann "Vital Energy & Health (Orgone Reich & Eros)"
Brian O'Leary "Miracle in the Void"


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