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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Telerobotics and Telepistemology

Ken:  I enjoyed a lot this post of yours, as well as Jon Ippolito'
longer essay "Foresignted..." (thanks for the precise Abstract, too!) 
These are the kinds of communiques I find most worthwhile in this forum,
as an artist interested in scientific and epistemological issues.

I found Ippolito's comparison of perspective space with cyberspace and
your analysis of telerobotics most enlightening.  (Are you serious that
the 1969 U.S. landing on the moon could have been simulated???)  Not
only for their clear explication, but for their cultural/social future
consequences as well.  To me, besides interactivity and fast
communication between distant and unknown persons, the great revolution
of cyberspace has been this ambiguity between reality and simulation --
through animation, through image manilupation of reality, and now it
appears thru telerobotic forgeries as well (which moreover are available
to non-specialist via the net).  I guess, art on the net  (which is what
interests me most) can play on all those possibilities.
Athena Tacha

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