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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Telerobotics and Telepistemology

Ken Goldberg wrote:

> Finally, does it matter whether a telerobotic site is real or not?
> Perhaps not to the majority of casual net surfers, but to those who
> spend enough time to care, to patiently interact with a purported
> telerobotic site, discovering the site to be a forgery can be as
> traumatic as the discovery by a museum curator of a forgery among one
> of the Rembrandts in the permanent collection.

Hi Ken, enjoyed your contribution very much. Thought the analogy between
the telescope and the web very fruitful.  I'm curious as to why you feel
(or maybe if?) that forgery is traumatic? Does the origin of the effect
of participation in a mass delusion like the 69 moon landing make the
effect any less real if the origin is shown to be false?


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