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<eyebeam><blast> emerAgency: was imagined (insect) community

The promised invitation from one who believes that
        art is to the net
        what mathematics is to school
        or prayer to church (to match practice with institution).

even if it is not so in practice

        the A of differance folded out into the ladder of writing
                puts EMER to the left and GENCY to the right

   so far little more than a poor rendition of a neon sign
     to tell of this sign exhausts the invitation before it is offered

but just to start at least with Walter Benjamin (reminders only)
        *the tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the "state
        of emergency" in  which we live is not the exception but
        the rule* (thesis viii).

                who also suggested the form we borrow for the
                consulting practice called

        *Fools lament the decay of criticism. For its day is
        long past. . . . Today the most real, the mercantile gaze
        into the heart of things is the advertisement.  It abolishes
        the space where contemplation moved. . .  . What in the end
        makes advertisements so superior to criticism? Not what the
        moving red neon sign says--but the fiery pool reflecting it
        in the asphalt.* (One-Way Street).

 or Jacques Lacan saying that the best image to sum up the unconscious
        is Baltimore in the early morning, a scene out his hotel window,
        just before daylight, where a neon sign indicated every minute 
        the change of time.  
     this blinking sign evokes the notion of the fading subject, the
         blinking on

 for the emerAgency
 Greg Ulmer
 Gainesville/Miles City/Paris/Little Bighorn

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