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Re: <eyebeam><blast> bioelectric user/machine interface

adnan.ashraf@bender.com wrote:

> Regarding the interface between a user and her computer, I've observed
> phenomenal idiosyncrasies manifest between my qi-field (my life, my
> energy) and the powermac i use to write, web design, do email, research
> and so on. 

Although I have not participated in a research project on this
observation, I can attest to the phenomenon myself. I have not noticed
the phenomenon recently and things are still stressful, and things crash
but not with the same intensity of x on my part.  but a number of years
ago when i was really unstrung --struggling with  life/world I had a few
days in which every piece of electronic equipment i touched would fail. 
A friend and skeptic! who worked in theoretical physics was present on
one of these down days and said that had he not seen it for himself he
would not have believed it.I tend to think that the electronic and
magnetic circuits of the body release currents/ions/ charges or whatever
its called which have effects on machines. I associate the application
of this energy  with other sorts of what are known as supernatural or
spiritual practices- judith

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