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Re: <eyebeam><blast> (no subject)

Sue Clancy artist@telepath.com wrote:

>"Dancing?" the people say. "Whatever do you mean? 
>We just float along and do like our leaders 
>command us and They haven't ordered dancing..."
>vitruvius chuckled softly and reached again for 
>the silver dish. She inserted another sweet 
>morsel into her lips. Then lifting herself from
>the lounge pillows she began to sway...

vitruvius performs her Andalusian dance of love

vitruvius rarely dances in private but, flattered by Sue - and fortified
by several delicious bonbons - vitruvius rises from the vacant luxury of
her favourite chaise longue, taking care to separate a stray sequin from
the embroidered antimacassar.  vit claps her hands twice in quick
succession; her accompanist the swarthy Raoul steals silently into the
room, summoning rich chords from a battered guitar, an old family
heirloom. vitruvius adopts the first Andalusian love dance position, her
arms raised motionlessly above her head, a red rose clenched between her
teeth, the stamping of her left heal establishing a proud but sorrowful
rhythm. vit lowers her arms very slowly and turns her head sharply
right, the chin held very high. At the same time, vit introduces a
second rhythm with the toes of her right foot, a difficult motion known
as the Andalusian transitional toe conversation. Raoul yells hoarsely
and spits with approval, his fingers by now a wild blur of plucking...
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