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Re: <eyebeam><blast> carnival and lent

Transtextuality: movement between different thought patterns,
expressions styles: immediate flux through the flow of human expression.
Filtered, of course. If (x) then (?), it's all variations on the same
pattern: expansion, contraction, ebb flow. Maybe, at least for this
posting, I'm not backing my idea up with several fashionable post this
or that writers, but I think the idea has a bit of "cultural resonance".
I read Margaret Morse's posting about "symbolic events" with pleasure,
and I have to admit, a bit of surprise. To me almost all human
interaction is utterly symbolic - even the exchange of genetic
information sor the birth of solar systems seems (the reproduction
scam?) to be part of this ballgame. Generative structures versus the end
product of conscious human manipulation of the parameters defining the
"game." What next? I guess the word "game" is a key element of this
thought/disjecta. Take for example the "grief by consensus" deaths of
Princess Diana and Mother Teresa and their affect on global
consciousness, or the American dream turned to nightmare of the O.J.
trials, or even the system of correspodences betweenn film and reality
that seems to really be another prevalent late 20th century trope
(perfect example, Wag the Dog and the follies of our Presidential
mediascape). But it seems like much of this is not new, or even distant
from previous "network" values. Consciousness as the "end" product of a
series of networked values? Consciousness "itself" as a core component
of networked personae. I guess the codes are transferable. I guess I'm
not pointing to the notion of electronic media as an isolated system of
prosthetic values - it's only a continuation of culture by other means -
it merely happens to abstract them the conclusions reached in reality to
their sometimes all too logical ends - ending in "the irrational" space
of complete cultural atomization. Maybe that's what the word "Other" is
all about. But to me that atomziation has always been part of how
culture evolves. More viewers, more listeners, more consumption. The
path to full consumer utopia ( a sublimated death urge/dirge?): through
dystopia, cathartic cultures of sensory overload, paths through the
tangled mazes of the collective consciousness. Does this seem to be a
"stream of consciousness" narrative? The record skips, the beat goes out
of phase, the party ends.

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