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Re: <eyebeam><blast> clues on translocal territories

Liked Andreas Broeckman's --printed it out and took it with me on the
subway. Yes, there is a challenge and work to be done re: a
language--visual, textual-- that caputres the specifics of networked
environments. Not being an artist, I think of these questions in terms
of the kind of space --produced space of the Net, the economic dynamics
that can be enacted in that space, the political dynamics (cf. the
intensity and complexity we will need to  have a public sphere on the
Net. How is the commercial density of the street enacted on the Net. Is
hyperclicking your way from one site to another the lineal equivalent?
How does the code through whcih economic power is made legible on the
street reconfigured on the Net. Is economic power legible on the Net the
way it is inother material environments? Does the growing digitization
of economic activities (finance, for ex.) transform the legibility of
economic power? 

saskia sassen

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