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Re: <eyebeam><blast> Imposibility of not sharing

In a message dated 2/23/98 11:39:47 AM, Bracha wrote:

"It seems to me that one particularity of net-art (here at least
dicussion, if not practice) is the impossibility to tear apart the
aesthetic-artistic from the ethical in the impossibility of not

Just a brief comment. It occurred to me that some of the political
aspects of the net practice are being articulated now (HERE) in the
context of this forum: specifically, this "impossibility of not sharing"
that Bracha mentions and a particular way of self-organizing that seems
to be proper to the medium: open dialogues that braNch into more
dialogues and then retrieve to some nucleus in order to branch again.
Voices coincide and diverge, come and go, and whole paragraphs migrate
from one voice to another losing track of their possible origins.
Sometimes the political is a question of regimes of text. And of
conscience, maybe. In this case is the acknowledgement of this "modus
operandi" of the net that establishes among us a certain community of
information, opinions, maybe knowledge.Maybe it is not necessary to look
for the Political outside when it's right here, very close to us, at an
imperceptible distance that's ever changing. Making the inside of the
net an absolute outside of enormous distances and then contracting those
distances in a nutshell ("I could be bounded in a nutshell and still be
king of infinite space" as Bill wrote). Less that sovereignity, this
particular activism in the net seems to be of the order of an oblique
and never ending intimacy.

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