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<eyebeam><blast> Imposibility of not sharing

It seems to me that one particularity of net-art (here at least
dicussion, if not practice) is the impossibility to tear apart the
aesthetic-artistic from the ethical in the impossibility of not sharing.
What for me goes for the 'matrixial borderspace' in painting and
artobject is maybe perhaps a question for art practice in the now, net
or not net: 'The impossibility of not-sharing with the unknown Other'
(sorry to quote from my older books,it seems relevant here now) is
produced/revealed by the matrixial dimension and its processes of
metramorphosis. Through these processes, the contradiction between "an
original" and a "ready-made" fades away, and even this fading away has
both aesthetical and ethical implications. The impossibility of not
sharing with the unknown Other bring forwards the dimension of
transference in art. The artist and the viewer, each of them as both a
doctor-and-patient entity, co-emerge in diverse ways with each other and
with the work and by the work,sharing-in-difference the screen of
vision. And you cannot control the extent to which I will share with
you, you can only hope to touch me in ways that will arize and direct my
erotic antenae towards your work. Here is a difference between artistic
and political aspirations, and yet artistic aspiration inside a research
which is also ethical.

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