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Re: <eyebeam><blast> clues on translocal territories

Anna T. wrote:

> Andreas Broeckmann wrote:
> "I want to hear people's opinions from Novi Sad, from Ankara, from
> Cape
> Town, from Tokyo and from Moscow. *If* this is an open discussion
> forum,
> it is the silence from those places more than anything else that
> re-iterates the rest/West divide. Not living in a NATO country is no
> excuse."
>  Speaking english makes people  western so how do you hope to hear
> something
> from beyond.

Here one voice from Novi Sad:
I think Internet makes us citizens of the world, and it is a real chance
for all of us on the Earth  to become real individuals, since on the
Internet there are no frontiers,  no distances,  physically or
temporally. So we are all part of one huge WEB of individuals. In that
web everyone plays its role as he can.
We here in Yugoslavia are in a way isolated from the rest of the world
by technical and financial possibilities, that is true, because, for
instance, we don't have so much access to PC technology, first of all
because of  costs (our average monthly incomes are about $200 ), and we
have to pay much more for time on Internet ($1 per hour). But on the
other hand Internet gives us possibility to come out into the world, to
participate in world events, net.art scene, discussions,
projects...which is very important for one individual.
So I would say, even I work in more difficult circumstances than, let's
say Westerners, or people from richer societies, I feel equal in my
possibilities in creative way, and maybe I can appreciate the Internet
more than some Westerners, and use it more effectively because it means
(and costs) so much to me. So I am satisfied with my place and role in
the Internet communication.
The question of language is irrelevant, because there are even people
who do not "speak" their own native language, and can not establish
communication with their own countryman.
                                        Andrej Tisma

ANDREJ TISMA is Novi Sad (Yugoslavia) based artist, art critic and
curator. Since the early '70s mail-artist and networker. Founder of The
Institute for the Spreading of Love (1991) and Embargo Art campaign
(1992). HOMEPAGE: http://members.tripod.com/~aaart/index.html

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