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Re: <eyebeam><blast> carnival and lent

Hello Margaret,
Welcome to the forum. You wrote:

>I love this time of year--letting the flesh and repressed
>desires have their way, then exerting will over the body
>in self-elected privation.

Thank you for reminding us to celebrate wisdom through frenzy during
this luscious, contradictory time of year.

There expand by now 1001 stories, all told, of the same...
But the world, mind, is, was, and will be writing its own
wrunes for ever, man, on all matters that fall under the ban of
our infrarational senses.
                           (James Joyce, Finnegans Wake)

There is a tangible generosity in your writing which comes through in
the breast story - your story emphasizing how symbols are also events.
Breasts are good because they are food and sex in one pretty package.
Actually, what your story and your insights regarding the

>distinctions between words, images and symbols and "real life" are often
>misguided, especially once machines can say "I" and "you" and we are
>immersed visually, aurally and kinetically in symbolic worlds of our own

 reminded me of was how the _machine-assisted I or you_ is frequently
devoid of vulnerability,  which ties into your reference to privacy. The
public aspect of internet exchanges can strip the vulnerabilities from
our virtualities. Our vulnerabilties are part of what makes us human,
no? Perhaps this has something to do with your stated

 > difficulty engaging in ungrounded or unsituated, 
>impersonal ideas (though they are a part
>of life I accept in print.)

It seems that public postings revealing uncertainties or intimacies or
subjectivities or even sometimes creativities are often confronted with
silence. We tend to talk around art, not with it.

Discourse on the internet has different "interference patterns" than
spoken words and printed "hard text" because of our differing ways of
cognition, differing ways of working which get "frozen" into a state
somewhere between solid and liquid when they move from private to

All best regards,
Eve Andree Laramee

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