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Re: <eyebeam><blast> carnival and lent

Margaret &,

>        Paul, you are right that all human interaction is symbolic.  My
>notion of symbolic events makes that point in its attempt to blur the
>distinction between cognition and action, between language (including
>audiovisuality) and "just doing it."  This distinction becomes more and
>more muddied anyway, once acts in the world are performed at a keyboard
>or joystick or other telematic relay by manipulating symbols on a
>display screen.

Yet the blurring of action and symbolic takes place in favor of the
symbolic - the collective institution of a lie in the form of
law/language/reason which only masks the arbitrary impulse from chaos
which "precedes" even "Desire."

>         I like art pieces that deal with the intersection and
>interaction of on and offscreen life--whenever there is a difference. I
>spend hours everyday at my computer and more hours (minimum of three
>hours 2 or 3xper week) driving, that is in cyber- or protocyberspace.

Paradoxical movement of reason, efficiency, technology toward the
erasure of the event . . . finally freeing itself - reason recapitualing
in reverse what it always knew it was: science leads to (is) abolute
"madness" - Bataille's animal night. So many times it hits us just
there: in the car on the highway/parkinglot/suburb of the contemporarty
desert of the possible.

"Alcohol affords a certain brand of lucidity"

clint ashcraft (1969-1994)

>         Also,the notion of different thought patterns is astute.  I
>find little "body" clues help in following the direction of others
>unfamiliar expressions and assumptions.  I think those clues are present
>in a poster's presentational style and in content reflecting on his or
>her life situation.

Can we free the impulse - free indirect discourse - the lived situation.
Pataphysics and surrealism not reincorporated into the safe symbolic but
as practices of a future being.

A philosophical/psychoanalytic/poetic practice of
real-imaginary-symbolic (phantasm-signifier-simulacra) falters before
the void (1888, 1945, 1972, 1998...). One more step Frenchmen . . .

If the now safe and accepted profession of "artist" already threatens to
eclipse its (non)purpose, perhaps internet art will perform the final
Nietzschean/Klossowskian conspiracy of enfolding art too into the
industrial/institutional symbolic thus unleashing the forces it was
shepherding oh so carefully.

Eve Andree Laramee wrote:

> reminded me of was how the _machine-assisted I or you_ is frequently
>devoid of vulnerability,  which ties into your reference to privacy. The
>public aspect of internet exchanges can strip the vulnerabilities from
>our virtualities. Our vulnerabilties are part of what makes us human,
>no? Perhaps this has something to do with your stated
>> difficulty engaging in ungrounded or unsituated,
>>impersonal ideas (though they are a part
>>of life I accept in print.)
>It seems that public postings revealing uncertainties or intimacies or
>subjectivities or even sometimes creativities are often confronted with
>silence. We tend to talk around art, not with it.
>Discourse on the internet has different "interference patterns" than
>spoken words and printed "hard text" because of our differing ways of
>cognition, differing ways of working which get "frozen" into a state
>somewhere between solid and liquid when they move from private to
>All best regards,
>Eve Andree Laramee

Can we get free of ourselves - even on this abstract machine. Try. A
message. An image appears on the screen. And tears. Even liquid crystal
cries. But what was torn on paper becomes burnt carbon. You can smell

But where will it be censored - on the machine or in the mind. Or will
it sneak through unnoticed and grow. A viral affect.

In a trance
but lucid
daggers come from my eyes
hiding pain
on the attack
gravity has left the earth
I hold it down
just as the ridiculous escapes me

My fierce love
melts to a kiss
for a moment
caught off guard
so much more in its rarity
the eternal is revealed

A victim of time
and fear
each one
cries to sleep
if not bored

I'm still waiting
to bite through my jaw
and the lazy lack
of this world I escape



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