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4 messages, from Anna T., Carla Sinclair, Nemo, and Ben Williams

Anna T. <anti@ns.ACEA.NEVA.RU> writes:

Dear list, you are trying to persuade me that the NET is

a MIRROR (territory, politics, humanity, problems...)
an ANTIMIRROR (no territory, no politics, no  humanity , no problems


Carla Sinclair <carla@eureka.lk> writes:

>Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 19:21:33 +0500
>To: Eve
>From: Carla Sinclair <carla@eureka.lk>
>Subject: 1.The Mystery Schools

"During earth-life it takes us a number of years to grow into operative
adulthood through a series of reactive processes supplied by life
circumstances. All that any school does for its scholars is to bring
them in contact with a chosen variety of information & events so that
they can form their own reactive pattern to these, & change their
consciousness accordingly. We change ourselves in different ways & to
different degrees depending on our reactive abilities.
This is exactly what happens in the Mysteries.
Initiates are presented with sets of symbols & circumstances (rituals)
among which they are expected to react in such ways that calculated
changes of consciousness take place. The result of this releases
energies in the Inner dimensions wherein the Initiate is becoming an
adult soul, & eventually the structure of the soul alters
"The Mysteries are well called "Schools". Their function is to provide
practical means for their Initiates to form reaction-patterns which will
result in their own spiritual development & whatever other effects may
be intended on Inner levels. This they do by applying suitable stimuli
to selected souls in the correct order to the right degree."(1)
If we look at this text in the modern context of an increasingly
technological  society, & we were to offer the corresponding tool to
that of the ancient Mystery Schools, it would have to fit into the
technological world of electronics & machinery. To networked
audio-visual, digital, virtual, cybernetic communities. 
A machine is needed.
A machine that provides these suitable stimuli & guides the Initiate
through the experience of metaphysical understanding, spiritual
development & leading to enlightenment, thereby, providing an
experiential form of healing art which is a tool focused towards the
evolution of human consciousness.  The emergent construction is a
simulated Virtual Reality environment which is interactive, sensory &
responsive. Which uses the correct stimulation of the users senses &
perceptions, so as to enhance consciousness & create responsive healing
My project combines a number of different arts/sciences together within
an interactive, self-creating, virtual environment in order that the
correct neurological responses are enduced to bring about this evolving
shift in consciousness of the "user".

(1) "Magical Ritual Methods" by William G. Gray
ISBN 0-87728-498-9



From: Nemo <mwat@sprintmail.com> writes:

Myron Turner wrote:

"the part played by software"

What you may see every day:

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Ben Williams <bwilliams@citysearch.com> writes:

Re: Adnan Ashraf. Fair enough. The question of how sublime the music is
is in the ear of the beholder, I suppose. Although I think he's pretty
good, I haven't been overly impressed so far. I found "Calcutta Cyber
Cafe" quite boring, and thought the "Anokha" compilation was overrated.
But I caught his last appearance in New York, and he played some new
stuff that I really enjoyed. 

Re: Mike Stubbs. I figured someone would probably get angry and assume I
was calling Talvin Singh a "sellout" or something. In fact, I agree with
you: good luck to him. Also, I like a lot of sampled music, its mostly
what I've listened to for the past eight years or so. But that doesn't
mean I can't wonder how good it is sometimes. Or try to get at the
complications of the way it signifies. Most of your problems with what I
wrote are misinterpretations. Which is probably because what I wrote, I
wrote very quickly, and probably not very well. Which probably has
something to do with email as a format for complicated discussions...

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