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Re: <eyebeam><blast> (no subject)

2 messages, from Sue Clancy and Angus Trumble

Angus Trumble wrote:

> Some people say, yes vitruvius yes, we hear you, but we don't know what
> to do. vitruvius nods, raises an eyebrow, reaches forward and with the
> thumb and forefinger of her left hand plucks a delicate bonbon from a
> silver dish on the low table beside her chaise longue. Discreetly
> popping it into her mouth, vitruvius closes her eyes, munches quietly
> for a few moments then swallows. vitruvius is very fond of bonbons.
> "it's not about doing, sweetheart", she says. "It's about dancing."

Sue Clancy artist@telepath.com writes:

"Dancing?" the people say. "Whatever do you mean? We just float along
and do like our leaders command us and They haven't ordered dancing..." 
Vitruvirus chuckled softly and reached again for the silver dish. She
inserted another sweet morsel into her lips. Then lifting herself from
the lounge pillows she began to sway.... 


Angus Trumble <ang@camtech.net.au> writes:

The bonbons came from another of vitruvius's anonymous admirers.
vitruvius accepts such tributes as no more than her due; she knows 
she's good. On the other hand, vit also knows that there are plenty of
talented performers who end up with nothing but cramp and a crooked
agent. So, where possible, she always  pays her tax, answers love
letters, fan mail  and invitations to dine. 

As a general rule she says "yes"; her outlook is essentially positive.
vitruvius's love life is a grey area. In life, says vit, art and love
carry on a painful tango of the emotions. You have to decide which will
lead, and which can afford to have its toes trodden on. Someone once
protested, saying "Come vitruvius, surely you do your best work when
you're in love?" vitruvius held up her hand, palm outwards. "No, the
elastic around my tummy always breaks," said vit, "and it will be the
same for you if you don't stop seeing Aristotle Onassis."

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