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In the fall of 1996 individual electric presented work in the Westbeth Gallery "Art of Science, Science of Art" exhibit, commemorating the 100th year since Westbeth was built to house the original Bell Labs. Our installation
magnitexture utilized 5 objects in the gallery space: a hinge, a nail, a pipe, a plug and a radiator. A blue bulb was hung by the artists. These objects corresponded to short texts from our Book of Things mixed onto audiotape. An 8 x 10 inch magnifying glass was suspended from the ceiling in front of each object. A user manual and a map encouraged users to tour the room architecture with the portable audio guide provided on Walkman units.
magnitexture was a continuation of an earlier installation archive in insignificance, shown at Thicket Gallery on Broadway in 1994, were architectural details in the gallery were photographed with a macro lens and exhibited in folders in a drawer of a file cabinet. magnitexture was also performed at a public reading at Barnes and Nobles bookstore at Astor Place in 1997.

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