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U n l i m i t e d F r e e S p a c e

individual electric teamed up with Bernd Knaller-Vlay to form Unlimited Specialist International (USI) for the steirischer herbst, an annual cultural event in the city of Graz, Austria. USI was organized to research borderlines. The result was a theory of Unlimited Free Space. This was modified using the following practical applications:

a five day walk around the 35 miles of Manhattan waterfront, conducting interviews with citizens about Unlimited Free Space, issuing 21 USI badges to new members, taking photographs, collecting specimens 2)
transposing dreams of USI members and recruits to the Mur River waterfront which runs through the center of Graz, publishing transcribed interviews in the USI newspaper 3)
initiating 27 new USI members in Graz, collaborating with mountain climbers, the Fire Department, two galleries and a score of helpers to ensure audience input in a month-long event

Also known as Comprehensive Waterfront Plan, the project was commissioned by Haus der Architektur for the Border-Lines exhibit, with support from Neue Galerie for the show 2000 - 3, ArtSpace plus Interface.

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